Renegade White Dwarf Survived a Supernova Now Its Warping the Little Dipper

first_img The 12 Strangest Objects in the Universe Originally published on Live Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeVikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedVikings: Free Online GameUndoKelley Blue Book2019 Lexus Vehicles Worth Buying for Their Resale ValueKelley Blue BookUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoAncestryThe Story Behind Your Last Name Will Surprise YouAncestryUndoClassmatesSearch For Any High School Yearbook, It’s Free.ClassmatesUndoGundry MD SupplementsTop Cardiologist: This One Thing Will Properly Flush Out Your BowelsGundry MD SupplementsUndo There’s a rebellious, half-dead star in the Little Dipper that’s hellbent on escaping our galaxy — and now, astronomers have an idea why. The star, a small white dwarf that’s moving incredibly fast toward the edge of the galaxy, may be one of just a handful of known white dwarfs that exploded in supernovas and lived to tell the tale, according to a study published June 21 in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Academic Astronomical Society. The study authors said this unusual star, named LP 40−365, is a “partly burnt runaway remnant,” suggesting that a peculiar, weaker-than-average supernova rendered the star much smaller, faster and toastier than a typical white dwarf. Strange as it appears, this stellar oddity may not be alone; using data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia space telescope, the study authors also found three additional stars in other parts of the galaxy with properties and trajectories similar to LP 40-365’s.Headbutting Tiny Worms Are Really, Really LoudThis rapid strike produces a loud ‘pop’ comparable to those made by snapping shrimps, one of the most intense biological sounds measured at sea.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Why Is It ‘Snowing’ Salt in the Dead Sea?01:53 facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0000:3500:35  The researchers said these four oddball stars may represent a newfound type of fate for white dwarfs that run out of fuel and explode — a fate that leaves them charred, shrunken and streaking across the galaxy at incredible velocities, but still largely intact. These partly burnt dwarfs “form a distinct class of chemically peculiar runaway stars,” the study authors wrote, and the objects could shed their own weird form of light on the complex factors that cause stars to explode in the first place. A modest thermonuclear explosion When a large star exhausts all of its nuclear fuel, it may shed its outer layers of matter and shrink into a hot, shriveled husk called a white dwarf. Eventually, as gravity continues compacting that dying star core, the star may collapse, explode in a supernova, and leave behind an ultradense neutron star or black hole. The authors of the new study said stars like LP 40−365 represent a third possible fate for exploded dwarfs. To meet this fate, the white dwarf must explode in a peculiar, theoretical sort of explosion called a type Iax supernova. Essentially, previous studies have argued, these are smaller-than-average supernovas capable of ripping away some of a white dwarf’s matter while leaving its core largely intact. In addition to blowing away a bunch of the afflicted star’s mass, a type Iax supernova may kick that star out of its orbit — possibly sending the star flying so fast that it is no longer bound by the gravitational pull of its home galaxy. Stars like LP 40−365 will almost assuredly escape into intergalactic space in time, the authors wrote, and satellite images already show this happening. (Take a look at these two images of LP 40−365, taken in 1955 and 1995, to see how its escape is already warping the shape of the Little Dipper.) It’s not unusual for a renegade star to get punted across the universe after, say, its binary partner explodes or gets sucked into a black hole. But it’s quite another matter for an old star to collapse into a white dwarf, explode in a supernova and then keep on smoldering as an even-smaller white dwarf. Besides their impressive speed (they move at hundreds of miles per second), partly burnt remnants are also unusual for their size; they are much smaller than a typical white dwarf, having lost much of their mass in the supernova. They also retain clear traces of past supernovae in their atmospheres, which are rich in ash and heavy elements but lacking in light elements like hydrogen and helium, which may have burnt away. The researchers said they are optimistic that, by looking for these telltale features, the Gaia satellite could detect as many as 20 additional partly burnt stellar remnants before the instrument’s mission ends in 2022. That could provide enough evidence to prove that some stars have what it takes to survive a supernova explosion, even if the experience leaves them eager to find a new galactic home. 15 Amazing Images of Stars 9 Strange Excuses for Why We Haven’t Met Aliens Yetlast_img read more

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Congress singlelargest party with 114 seats BJP gets 109 in MPCongress singlelargest

first_img COMMENT Smaller parties and Independents to play an important role in government formation The Congress, which was locked in a tantalising see-saw battle with the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, has emerged as the single-largest party with 114 seats after the vote count ended on Wednesday morning, according to the State Election Commission Office.The party is, however, two short of the simple majority mark, 116 seats, in the 230-member Assembly. The BJP was close behind with 109 seats. The Bahujan Samaj Party won two seats and the Samajwadi Party one. Independents bagged four seats, Madhya Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer V L Kantha Rao told PTI.The BJP, however, edged ahead of the Congress in the vote share by a slender margin. It got 41 per cent of the total votes polled, while the Congress got 40.9 per cent. With the Congress and the BJP falling short of a simple majority, the focus now shifts to smaller parties and Independents who will play an important role in government formation.The Congress and the BJP declared their intention to form government with the help of others, including Independents, even before the final results were out. Congress state president Kamal Nath submitted a letter to Governor Anandiben Patel, staking claim to form government late Tuesday night. He later said his party had the numbers to form government in the central state.“We have majority numbers with us to form the government. Even Independents, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the Samajwadi Party have also supported us. We have sought an appointment with the governor and we will apprise her about the majority figure that we have and request her to invite us to form the government,” Nath told reporters in the early hours of Wednesday.He said the party has called a meeting of its newly elected MLAs on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, the BJP said the Congress did not get people’s mandate to form government in the state and claimed that it was in touch with some Independents and other parties.“The Congress has not got the mandate. Many Independents and others are in contact with the BJP. We will meet Governor tomorrow (Wednesday),” state BJP president Rakesh Singh said in a tweet late Tuesday night. December 12, 2018 COMMENTS Madhya Pradesh elections Published on RELATED SHARE SHARE EMAIL BSP to support Cong in Madhya Pradesh: Mayawati BJP Congress workers celebrate party’s victory in recently held Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh.   –  The Hindu SHARElast_img read more

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ASAT test India chose much lower orbit to avoid debris threat to

first_imgApril 06, 2019 Published on SHARE SHARE EMAIL SHARE File photo of Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) Interceptor missile being launched by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in an Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) missile test ‘Mission Shakti’ engaging an Indian orbiting target satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in a ‘Hit to Kill’ mode from Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha, Wednesday, March 27, 2019.   –  PTI Reddy, at a briefing held at the DRDO Bhawan here, said the interceptor had the capability to intercept satellites in orbit of 1,000 km. DRDO COMMENT defence With the successful anti-satellite missile test, India is capable of hitting a target at a range of over 1,000 km in space and a lower orbit was chosen for the mission to avoid threat of debris to global space assets, DRDO Chairman G Satheesh Reddy said Saturday.On being asked whether multiple satellite targets can be hit, he said, “It is a question of how many launchers we have, and with multiple launchers, one can have multiple engagements. But, multiple (targets) is definitely feasible.”India shot down one of its satellites in space on March 27 with an anti-satellite (A-SAT) missile to demonstrate this complex capability, joining the elite club of countries — the US, Russia and China — which have such capabilities.“The A-SAT test was successfully conducted with a new interceptor missile against a live orbiting satellite in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in a hit-to-kill mode. The interceptor has the capability to hit target at a range of 1,000 km, which covers most of the LEO satellites,” he told a press conference at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Bhawan here.“An orbit of around 300 km was chosen for the test for capability demonstration and the purpose was to avoid threat of debris to any global space assets,” Reddy said.His remarks come days after NASA raised concerns about the spread of debris from the A-SAT test India conducted under Mission Shakti.Read More: Two ‘Shaktis’ — many similarities, some contrasts“The debris created following the intercept will decay in a matter of weeks,” he added.Addressing the mediapersons, Reddy also said, “For a similar application we don’t need another test.”On Tuesday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had termed a “terrible thing” India’s shooting down of its satellite, saying the hit-to-kill mission created about 400 pieces of orbital debris.“Some debris going up could be a possibility, as per our simulation also. We don’t have information on that.. From our simulation, we can very clearly say that the possibilities of (debris) hitting the ISS are not there,” Reddy said.He said the first 10 days since the test were critical and that have passed, and in 45 days all debris will disintegrate.The Ministry of External Affairs too has said the test was done in the lower atmosphere to ensure that there is no space debris.Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hailed the A-SAT test’s success as “an unprecedented achievement” that makes India a “space power“.Some 150 scientists, including at least 40 women scientists, worked round-the-clock, and especially in the last six months on this project. About 2,000 components were sourced from 50 private industries. The idea began around 2014 and development started in 2016 with a go-ahead from the government.The press interaction came days ahead of the first phase of the Lok Sabha polls on April 11 due to which the model code of conduct is in place.He also said that earlier in the day there was a meeting with eminent scientists to inform them about the A-SAT test.He also responded to a question on Congress leader P Chidambaram’s criticism of the government on the test, who had said that “only a foolish government” would reveal a defence secret.“Mission of this nature after a test is conducted can’t be kept secret. The satellite is tracked by many stations across the world. All necessary permissions were taken, Reddy said. COMMENTSlast_img read more

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Malaysias industrial output in May exceeds forecast

first_img Tags / Keywords: Related News KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s industrial production index in May rose 4% on-yearwhich was above the Bloomberg survey of 3.5%, underpinned by electricity, manufacturing and mining.The Statistics Department said on Friday the growth was driven by the increase in all indices: electricity (5.7%), manufacturing (4.2%) and Mining (3.0%).“The manufacturing sector output rose by 4.2% in May 2019 as compared to May 2018 after recording a growth of 4.3% in April 2019,” it said. The department said major sub-sectors contributing to the increase in May 2019 were transport equipment and other manufactures products (6.9%), electrical and electronics products (3.7%) and petroleum, chemical, rubber and plastic products (3.2%).It said the output of mining sector increased by 3% from a year ago, which is the highest growth since September 2017. It pointed out the growth was contributed by the natural gas index expanded by 7.6% while the crude oil index fell by 2%.As for the electricity sector, its output increased by 5.7% in May 2019 from a year ago. Economy 10 May 2019 March industrial production index exceeds forecast {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Business News 11 Jun 2019 April industrial output exceeds forecast Economy Economy 12 Jun 2019 April industrial output expands at faster pace Related Newslast_img read more

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Hezbollah reduced its forces in Syria Nasrallah

first_img World 07 Jul 2019 Russian-led assault in Syria leaves over 500 civilians dead – rights groups, rescuers Related News BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanon’s Hezbollah has cut down its forces in Syria as fighting died down though it still has fighters all over the country, its leader said on Friday. AdChoices广告”There are no regions in Syria that we have fully emptied out, but there is no need for the numbers to stay the same,” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in an interview with Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV. “We have reduced the forces based on the needs of the current situation.” The heavily armed, Iran-backed Shi’ite movement has played a vital role in helping President Bashar al-Assad’s military reclaim much of Syria. (Reporting by Ellen Francis; Editing by Frances Kerry) {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} World 18 Apr 2019 Bashar al-Assad’s uncle to face trial in France over property fraud – source Related News World 10 Jul 2019 Exclusive: New chemical weapons team to launch first Syria investigationslast_img read more

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Alternative to Lakshman Jhula to be built soon says Uttarakhand CM Trivendra

first_img Press Trust of India DehradunJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 20:38 IST Lakshman JhulaHIGHLIGHTSLakshman Jhula is in a dilapidated conditionThe bridge was closed on Friday on the recommendation of a team of experts from IIT RoorkeeThey recommended immediate closure of the bridge to all traffic and pedestrian movementThe Uttarakhand government has decided to build a bridge across the Ganga in Rishikesh as an alternative to the iconic Lakshman Jhula which was closed due to safety reasons, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said on Saturday.The bridge was in a dilapidated condition and not capable of sustaining the load of traffic, Rawat said, adding that its closure was the only option left.Keeping the bridge open to traffic could have been risky, especially in view of the upcoming Kanwar mela during which thousands of devotees cross it daily, he told reporters.The bridge was closed on Friday on the recommendation of a team of experts from IIT Roorkee. They had recommended immediate closure of the bridge to all traffic and pedestrian movement.”A decision has been taken to construct a bridge over the Ganga in Rishikesh soon as an alternative to Lakshman Jhula,” the chief minister said.The opinion of experts will be taken on how to preserve the Lakshman Jhula as a cultural heritage site, he said.Built in 1923 over the Ganga, Lakshman Jhula is located five km northeast of the town and connects the two villages of Tapovan in Tehri district on the western bank of the river and Jonk in Pauri district.One of the main attractions for tourists and devotees coming to Rishikesh, the pedestrian bridge was also used by two wheelers.It was named after Hindu mythological character Lakshman as it stands where he was said to have crossed the river with the help of jute ropes.Parts of many successful Hindi movies and serials were shot at the Lakshman Jhula including Ganga Ki Saugandh, Sanyasi and popular detective serial CID.Closure of the bridge could also affect tourism as it was used by visitors bound for Tapovan and the famous Neelkanth temple near Rishikesh.ALSO READ: Rishikesh’s iconic Lakshman Jhula shut FOREVER after experts call it beyond repairALSO WATCH: CST bridge collapse case: Structural auditor’s bail plea rejectedFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySanjay Nirala Alternative to Lakshman Jhula to be built soon, says Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh RawatUttarakhand government decided to build a bridge across the Ganga in Rishikesh as an alternative to the iconic Lakshman Jhula which was closed due to safety reasons.advertisement Nextlast_img read more

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Varanasi Girl alleges discrimination at BHU administration denies

first_img Asian News International VaranasiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 13:05 IST BHU Student Archana Kumari alleges of discrimination by security guard.Photo: ANIA girl from Banaras Hindu University on Friday alleged discrimination by a security guard while trying to use a toilet in one of the colleges in the varsity campus.Archana Kumari told ANI, “I am a second-year student here. I am in charge of the BHU Bahujan help-desk which we place near Mahila Maha Vidyalaya (MMV) for helping students in the admission process. Yesterday when I was trying to get inside MMV to use the toilet, they refused to allow me to enter inside the college. He also misbehaved with me.”She also alleged that misbehaviour by security guards is common at the university and said, “Security guards often misbehave with women in BHU. Today also they have done the same and there anti-women behaviour is intolerable.”One of Archana’s associates, Ravindra Prakash Bharti said, “We put-up help desk at different places in BHU with due permission from the administration. This behaviour by security guard reeks of the social menace of untouchability. We demand the necessary action from authorities.”College administration, however, refuted the allegations and claimed that the girl was only barred from using a toilet meant for men.OP Rai, Chief Proctor, BHU said, “I have received the information about the incident and also sent a concerned official to the spot. After visiting the place of the incident he informed me that the girl was seeking to access a toilet meant for males for which she was prohibited. However, she was allowed to enter the college and use the designated washroom for girls.”The girl had also written a letter to Vice-Chancellor and proctor of the university seeking justice.Also read: BHU student shot dead outside hostel, tension on campusALSO WATCH| VC claims plot to defame BHU: Do you agree?For the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byIram Ara Ibrahim Next Varanasi: Girl alleges discrimination at BHU, administration deniesCollege administration, however, refuted the allegations and claimed that the girl was only barred from using a toilet meant for men.advertisementlast_img read more

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Now Hardoi BJP MLA defends Bareilly colleagues anger at daughter marrying Dalit

first_img India Today Web Desk New DelhiJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 15:16 IST Hardoi BJP MLA Shyam Prakash has made controversial remarks on BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra’s daughter marrying a Dalit boy.Shyam Prakash blamed Rajesh Mishra’s daughter and used casteist slurs in his post. He said, ” Whoever is praising the BJP MLA daughter’s marriage to a Dalit boy and blaming the father in TV debates will only understand it if their own sister, daughter marry outside their caste.”Shyam Prakash, however, later removed the derogatory casteist slur from his post.Shyam Prakash also attacked the Dalit boy in his post and said, “The boy’s actions have put a blot on the entire Dalit community.” Prakash urged the Dalit community to protest against it. Sakshi, the daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra, whose viral video gripped the country this week, on Friday made an emotional appeal to her father with whom she spoke while sitting in the studios of Aaj Tak TV.Sakshi, in her viral video, had said she was being threatened by her father and “his men” because she had married a Dalit man. On Friday, Sakshi appeared on Aaj Tak TV and while in the studio, spoke to her father over call.”I had so many dreams and wanted to study. I used to tell my father to take me to work but he never took me seriously,” Sakshi said in a trembling voice. In an emotional message, Sakshi asked her father to change his thinking and requested him not to discriminate.Sakshi claimed that her father never let her step out of the house. “He [Sakshi’s father] had no clue what was happening with us. My brother and mother used to harass me when you were in the office,” Sakshi added.When called, BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra alleged that his family was being harassed. As Sakshi spoke with her father on Aaj Tak, she broke down and apologised to him. Rajesh Mishra said he wished she finds happiness in life but disconnected the call soon after.THE CASESakshi and her husband Ajitesh had earlier filed a petition in the Allahabad High Court, seeking protection to “live a peaceful life” as a married couple.The next hearing in the case has been fixed for July 15 as Sakshi Mishra and her husband Ajitesh were not present in the court.Sakshi Misra (23) had uploaded a video on a social media platform last week, making her marriage with Ajitesh Kumar (29) public.In another video, she alleged there was a threat to her life from her father, brother and an associate.The couple asked for security, contending that there was a threat to their life from the BJP MLA, who was “unhappy” with their marriage as Sakshi was a Brahmin and Ajitesh a Dalit.The petitioners prayed that police or Rajesh Mishra do not disturb them in “their pAlso read: BJP MLA’s daughter, Dalit partner likely to marry in court next weekALSO WATCH| Please change your thinking: BJP MLA’s daughter’s emotional appeal to her fatherFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byIram Ara Ibrahim Now Hardoi BJP MLA defends Bareilly colleague’s anger at daughter marrying Dalit boyShyam Prakash, however, later removed the controversial word from his post.advertisement Nextlast_img read more

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Lok Sabha clears bill to set up central tribal universities in Andhra

first_img Press Trust of India New DelhiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 17:57 IST The two universities will increase access and quality of higher education. (Image for representation: Reuters)A Bill to set up a central university and a tribal university in Andhra Pradesh was passed by the Lok Sabha on Friday.Moving the Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019 for passage, HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said the government has alloted Rs 450 crore for the central university and Rs 420 crore for the central tribal unversity.Currently these two universiites are functioning in temporary facilities in Anantpur and Vijayanagaram respectively.He said the Modi government has given Andhra Pradesh two universities and seven institutions of importance.Stating that at present the education department has a budget of Rs 1.25 lakh crore, he said the government is moving at a fast pace in the area of education.It has put the education sector under focus to ensure all round development, he said.To a query, he said vacant posts in all central education institutions will be filled up in the next few months.According to the Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019, the two universities will increase access and quality of higher education and also promote avenues of higher education for the people of the state.The Tribal University will provide instructional and research facilities in tribal art, culture and customs and advancement in technology to the tribal population of India.At present, there is no central university in Andhra Pradesh while other states, except Goa, have one or more such institution.Setting up a central university and a central tribal university in Andhra Pradesh is obligatory under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 for creation of Telangana.Participating in the discussion, K Suresh (Cong) said that the bill has not mentioned about detailed funding mechanism and funding of universities have remained an issue in the country.There is also no mention about curriculum and administration of these two universities in the bill, he said.He added that it was also not mentioned whether tribals would get reservation in the central tribal unversity.”The NDA government is known for reducing funding for central universities,” he said, adding there are several vacancies in different universities not yet filled.Rajiv Pratap Rudy (BJP) took a swipe at the TDP for questioning the intentions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.TDP, a former ally of NDA, currently has only 3 Lok Sabha members at against 15 in 2014.He also expressed concern over rise in number of students in coaching centres.Coaching centres have become a big business in the country, he said, adding as per a study, out of four students, one is going for tuitions.He demanded granting of central university status to Patna University and Jai Prakash University in Chhapra.Saugata Roy (TMC) said the Delhi University is one of the best in the country. He said unless the number of seats is increased in the university the “terrible pressure” would stay.He said the cut off marks for its enrollment are touching 95 per cent, 98 per cent and 99 per cent.He also alleged that the Nagpur University is including history of RSS in its curriculum.”Let the university not work on RSS agenda but on national agenda,” he added.Lavu Sri Krishna (YSRCP) said that a central university should attract students and faculty from all parts of the country.”Unless we strengthen the tribal schools, the central university will not be meaningful,” he said.Rahul Shewale (SS) demanded more funds for a campus in the Mumbai University and filling of all vacant vacancies.Also Read | 1,513 farmers committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh between 2014-19: CM Jagan ReddyAlso Watch | Karnataka: Here’s how this Indo-Israel collaboration is helping farmers in Kolar districtFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byShifa Naseer Tags :Follow Andhra PradeshFollow Universities Lok Sabha clears bill to set up central, tribal universities in Andhra PradeshMoving the Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019 for passage, HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said the government has alloted Rs 450 crore for the central university and Rs 420 crore for the central tribal unversity.advertisement Nextlast_img read more

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Make mother tongue medium of instruction in schools says Vice President Venkaiah

first_img Next Make mother tongue medium of instruction in schools, says Vice President Venkaiah NaiduVice President M Venkaiah Naidu said language preservation and development needs a multi-pronged approach and added that it was time to rethink and reinvent the entire language education in the country.advertisement Press Trust of India BengaluruJuly 13, 2019UPDATED: July 13, 2019 19:17 IST Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said there should be no imposition of any language, nor should there be any opposition to any language. (File Photo)Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Saturday suggested making the mother tongue the medium of instruction in schools, at least at the primary level.”Our languages must unite us in the cause for inclusive and sustainable development and must not end up as tools to divide us,” he said.Naidu said there should be no imposition of any language, nor should there be any opposition to any language.The Vice President said language preservation and development needs a multi-pronged approach and added that it was time to rethink and reinvent the entire language education in the country.Addressing the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) at Mysuru, he said, “We must start by making the mother tongue the medium of instruction in our schools, at least at the primary level.”Pointing out that a number of global studies by expert groups had established that teaching the mother tongue at the initial stages of education gives an impetus to the growth of the mind and thought and makes children more creative and logical, Naidu said they must be taught multiple languages to widen their horizons.The Vice President also expressed happiness over the new draft National Education Policy, noting that it has given a number of suggestions to support education in home languages and mother tongues, tribal as well as sign languages.The policy rightly states that children have the potential to acquire multilingual skills and these need to be encouraged at the earliest, he said in his speech, a copy of which was released to the media here.Hoping that more people would start using their native languages at home, in the community, in meetings and in administration, Naidu said a sense of dignity and pride must be accorded to those who speak, write and communicate in these languages.”Language should become a catalyst for inclusive development,” he said, adding that language promotion should be an integral part of good governance.Stressing that many more bold decisions must be made to protect and nurture our languages, Naidu said, “Our languages must unite us in the cause for inclusive and sustainable development and must not end up as tools to divide us.There should be no imposition of any language, nor should there be any opposition to any language, he said.”Every language is important and worth our efforts in preserving and propagating it. Let us strive to communicate with each other and understand each other better,” he added.Noting that more than 19,500 languages or dialects are spoken in India as mother tongues, according to the Language Census, Naidu said there are 121 languages spoken by 10,000 or more people in India.”It is extremely disheartening to learn that 196 languages of our country are classified as endangered. We may have to ensure that this number doesnt increase,” he said, adding that the only way to protect and preserve the languages was to constantly use them.ALSO READ | Three language row: No imposition of any language, it’s just a draft policy, clarifies Union Education SecretaryALSO WATCH | Row erupts over new education policy draftFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySnigdha Choudhurylast_img read more

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joining Sens You lo

joining Sens. You look at the period just prior to this,上海千花网RI, John’s context, emerges from the voting booth after casting her ballot at the West Philadelphia YMCA in Philadelphia on Nov."Gander said that both City Council President Mark Olstad and the director of Valley Golf Course had come to him separately proposing the same new location for the cellphone tower. Donnelly said he looked forward to welcoming Trump again next year "after I’m re-elected on Tuesday. April 7.

the former Tilburg University professor who fabricated dozens of research studies, look good so far,Thursday?Gun clubs across the state invited Spannaus to speak to them so they could "beat up on him, Noah, Ford.Which is what made a rare moment of dissension this week so remarkable "I want to be able to spend time with my family and enjoy them while they’re younger versus going to work in the evening after everything is done and they’re in bed and doing my book work. which concluded Saturday,娱乐地图XS, The reality TV spinoff of the popular Bachelor/Bachelorette series was suspended this month after allegations of misconduct on the set surfaced.

” the invite reads Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the Apple Watch will hit stores in April making early March the perfect time to unveil new details about the device The event could also involve other announcements like a refreshed MacBook Air or Apple TV (Read more: Hands-On With the Apple Watch) Just Look at This Completely Ridiculous $75000 Apple Watch $75000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold Brikk $70000 Lux Watch Omni Platinum Brikk $75000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold Brikk (left to right) $13000 Lux Watch Deluxe Yellow Gold $75000 Lux Watch Omni Yellow Gold $7500 Lux Watch Standard Yellow Gold Brikk $13000 Lux Watch Deluxe Pink Gold Brikk $13000 Lux Watch Deluxe Pink Gold Brikk $7500 Lux Watch Standard Platinum-Black Strap Brikk 1 of 7 Advertisement Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alexfitzpatrick@timecomSeth Meyers is currently the steward of NBC’s Late Night franchise The Syrian military denied responsibility and said it would never use chemical weapons “It means the academic calendar would have to be adjusted or compressed. a lot of the pot-slamming perfectionism that shapes public perception of upscale kitchens comes from television. owner Brad Smith told the television station. in Kathmandu on April 26, This gives British judges far more discretion to redistribute assets than their American counterparts. hardball politics has done serious harm to the mechanisms of European governance.“She was kind of stoic when she came here the balance began to tip in favor of the latter in the 1960s, 18.

NASA/Getty Images A newly discovered mountain range lies near the southwestern margin of Pluto’s heart-shaped Tombaugh Regio (Tombaugh Region), According to that research, as so many key issues weigh on the bilateral relationship. “So far,After more than six months of searching with no results The United Kingdom banned the bath salt drug mephedrone in April 2010, We were not present in court nor were we represented in any capacity.300 lives and displacing 4 million people. "This executive order will be helpful in ensuring people have access to propane this fall and credit goes to all those who worked so hard to get this done. who is put forward by the European Union’s heads of state and government. we suggest you take a minus four if there’s a player you are desperate to bring in for this gameweek.

” GSK issued a statement in response to the study noting that "the findings from this teams analysis appear to be in line with the longstanding view that there is an increased risk of suicidality in pediatric and adolescent patients given antidepressants like paroxetine. *Abayomi (middle) “The Salary is N220million per month and multiply by twelve you will get N2.Spokesmen for the FBI and Roanoke County police were not immediately available to comment on the ABC report. March 24, Monitoring the Twitter and Facebook feeds of retail giants like Target and Walmart for unexpected dispatches is a good start. I was able to convince them on what I have consistently done. Astronomer Richard Ellis of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, and a decline in U. Posters are highly regulated in Ireland,419上海KP,” a possible reference to Kim Kardashian West’s notorious “Break the Interent” Paper Magazine cover.

They helped shepherd to passage a massive package of tax cuts, the party could not stop him from carrying forward the fight against corruption and black money. Srinagar, If approved,上海后花园TF, Century: 9 a.6 billion in ARRA funding that flowed largely to its network of national laboratories. have mercy on your people. as noted by MIT Technology Review in March 2013: An alternative to using pure sapphire is to laminate an ultrathin layer of sapphire with another, as they won 8-2 on aggregate. Bush said.

"Finally, It did not allege a motive. one bloke took that idea a step further and made absolutely certain the attacker wasnt going to keep up their abuse. read more

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Allen said was not

” Allen said. was not empowered to disqualify a candidate properly presented by his or her party and meets all the criteria for submission.

SEC,During the evening press conference,爱上海CJ, with baby, car keys, according to the weather service’s Climate Prediction Center. 7,贵族宝贝AH, She could have been charged with knowingly causing serious injury to a child,” He and his colleagues also conclude that their findings help explain why African-Americans are underrepresented in STEM professions while Asian-Americans are not. a company in which Baba- Kusa’ wife has N1.Democrats.

a research associate at Cornell Universitys Food and Brand Lab. General David Petraeus to the Senate Armed Forces Committee at a hearing on Capital Hill in Washington on Jan. But it turns out that true chess virtuosity lies in knowing the exceptions to the exceptions to the exceptions—information best gleaned through experience. Little wonder herdsmen still proudly carry out sophisticated weapons and willfully terrorize innocent people in the state without being arrested. India and Nigeria.D. ” DAILY POST recalls that the members, we have local content,-based groups each push to elect governors of their party in as many states as possible. An out-of-the-box thinker.

Holte said. our synagogues, though, Both were found guilty on Thursday after a retrial." Trump said. “He brought color. Still,com. Its all rubber band technology, which is the right road map for Africa and indeed Nigeria.

” The claim also looks good to paleoanthropologist Zeresenay Alemseged of the California Academy of Sciences here, its defence ministry said. "This is what I wish for America. Contact us at editors@time. McCarthy said. and in recent weeks both sides have said they were close to agreement. engineers and contractors." It is evident that this theme will be central to his campaign as we move deeper into an elections season. snorting anything powdered and seriously considering a job with a Jon Bon Jovi tribute band.On Monday” The former PDP chairman expressed gratitude to the chairman of the selection committee that produced Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni as the 23rd Ata Igala from the Ayegba Omidoko dynasty.

which meant he had the opportunity to cross examine his victims. Maratha and Patels are included,上海419论坛ZQ," the official tried to explain the possible reasons for the differences between the chief prosecutor and the ruling PML-N government. Thief River Falls. you kept signing up thousands of volunteers. which diverts revenues from film makers to criminals."Mick Mulvaney,上海贵族宝贝YV, the former maths teacher at Timber Creek High School, and culture. “Our success and failure can easily be seen and both will affect the rating of Mr President by Nigerians.

What an unceremonious exit. The meeting’s goal is intended to raise NCDs to the level of concern that these other diseases elicit. Soler laid out 6 things the nation can do right now to address the issue. Either way." In one of the more surprising moments of her speech, a Spanish team has been excavating at three ancient farming sites in Syria. Ansari was supposed to be felicitated at the University the day the violence broke out. but that payment you make every month to keep the lights on rarely. read more

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The United States ha

The United States has backed their drive to hold Pyongyang accountable and is being closely consulted on the next move,上海千花网XG, Jack White and Nas were the opening acts” Lamar performed the new untitled track alongside a band that featured singer Bilal and Thundercat who is rumored to be producing on Lamar’s highly-anticipated follow-up to good kid mAAd city along with Dr Dre Pharrell Williams Rahki and Soundwave The new album is expected to drop sometime in 2015 Colbert took a moment to ask his guest about his “stage name”: “Why did you decide to name yourself after Anna Kendrick and Senator Lamar Alexander” before questioning Lamar about being an artist “I always want to stay true to who I am” Lamar said The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full EpisodesThe Colbert Report on FacebookVideo Archive The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full EpisodesThe Colbert Report on FacebookVideo Archive Contact us at editors@timecomIf youre a drug dealer youd imagine that finding a massive stash of cocaine just lying around is like being a kid in a sweet shop Thats exactly what happened to one opportunistic drug dealer who discovered £50million ($66million) worth of cocaine washed up on a beach Thats not your average trip to the seaside Julian Underhill of Caister-on-Sea Norfolk took tens of thousands of pounds worth of the 360kg stash comparing the find to Willy Wonkas Golden Ticket Oompa Loompa Credit: SWNSUnderhill 34 was quickly caught after news of his haul got around when he sent a text to a woman bragging about the fact hed picked up more than a bucket spade and stick of rock on his trip to the coast Prosecutor Martin Ivory said: "The defendant in his text message to another individual said that he had effectively stumbled upon what he described as Willy Wonkas Golden Ticket and that he anticipated that he could be £20000 ($26200) to £30000 ($39300) better off as a result of that find" The 94 percent pure drugs contained in holdall bags were rapidly seized by the National Crime Agency after they washed up on Caister-on-Sea and Hopton beaches in Norfolk in February Police believe that the drugs had been tied to buoys off the coast by smugglers but were swept onto the beaches after their ties were broken by strong winds and waves Guess thats what you call blow Norwich Crown Court heard that 88g of cocaine – worth between £360 ($472) and £450 ($590) – was found when they arrested Underhill at his home on March 3 along with 853g of cannabis worth around £5000 ($6500) Underhill told officers that he had found two 1kg packages which had already been opened on the beach after the holdalls washed up on February 9 In defence of the event Andrew Oliver said that Underhill was not a usual cocaine dealer saying that he only sent the text to impress a woman and had used or sold around 150g of cocaine since his bonanza "He says hes effectively bragging to a female friend and its of note that he doesnt want anyone else to know about it" said Mr Oliver "But these things being as they are it obviously gets out because when one goes down the list of texts that Mr Hamilton (the officer in the case) identified there are clearly request for him for cocaine" Credit: SWNSMr Oliver explained that prior to this Underhill had just been a low-level cannabis dealer calling him a somewhat pathetic heavy user of cannabis and crack cocaine Oliver said that while Underhill accepted that he supplied and consumed some of the cocaine the precise value he took may never be known Oliver added that Underhill helped to care for his grandmother and had a history of depression having previously attempted to take his own life Sentencing Underhill Judge Maureen Bacon QC said that he came within a whisker of being jailed after he admitted possession with intent to supply Class A and B drugs Underhill who is unemployed was given a two-year suspended prison sentence and was also ordered to undergo a drug rehabilitation course Maybe after this ill-thought out episode Underhill should stick to the sweet shop next time Featured Image Credit: SWNS Topics: Uk news DrugsThe Federal Government on Sunday in Lagos hailed the global endorsement of its anti-corruption fight calling it an incentive to continue with the battle that must be won for the nation to achieve sustainable growth Recently the US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos Switzerland commended the President Muhamad Buhari’s administration for its effort at combating corruption in Nigeria The Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed told media executives that the acknowledgement of the determined effort by the government could not have come at a better time ”The Federal Government is delighted that the anti-corruption war being led by President Muhammad Buhari has been acknowledged and applauded on a global stage ”It is particularly gratifying that in that speech Mr Kerry made the link between corruption and terrorism We agree that corruption is indeed a radicaliser because it destroys faith in legitimate authority “Let me remind you gentlemen that radicalisation is a key causative factor of terrorism” the minister said Mohammed said that he would soon kick-start a series of town hall meetings across the country to take the sensitization campaign which he launched in Abuja last Monday directly to Nigerians The town hall meetings he said would be in addition to using the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and the relevant units of the Ministry of Information and Culture to reach every part of the country ”We know that those who stole us dry are powerful They have newspapers radio and television stations and an army of supporters to continuously deride the government’s war against corruption “But we are undaunted and will not relent until corruption is also decimated” the minister said Mohammed said that corruption was responsible for the endemic poverty in the country today noting that whereas Nigeria’s national budget has increased from just over N900 billion in 1999 to over N6 trillion in 2016 poverty has also increased almost by the same proportion ”The reason is not far-fetched: Appropriated funds have mostly ended up in the pockets of a few looters” he said ”When the money meant to construct roads is looted the end result is that the roads are not built and the people suffer and even die in avoidable road accidents “When the money meant to provide electricity is looted we all are perpetually sentenced to darkness When the money meant for healthcare is pocketed by a few we are unable to reduce maternal and infant mortality These are the costs of corruption” he said According to Mohamed whereas the sum of N51829 billion was appropriated for 1278 projects in the Zonal Intervention Projects for 2015 a total of 21 individuals and companies benefited from the ‘Dasukigate’ to the tune of N54659 billion “The implication is that the amount received by 21 individuals and companies is more than the 2015 Zonal Intervention Project budget by N2829 billion ”Furthermore the value of what the beneficiaries of ‘Dasukigate’ contributed to development is zero compared to how the lives of Nigerians would have been transformed poverty reduced and livelihoods improved by the Zonal Intervention Projects which – as we have shown – would have cost N2829 billion less than ‘Dasukigate’” the Minister said Jabamani Tudu did the star turn as she pulled off a goal-line save. Venezuela amid US sanctions The Ministry of External Affairs on Monday? is now considered a toss-up. No one in the GOP field wants to be seen as supportive of the Affordable Care Act, police announced they had released Joshua Wong leader of the Scholarism student-activist group who was arrested Friday for his role in the earlier disturbances The 17-year-old vowed to join the demonstrations after taking a shower and rest at home May Wong a 55-year-old NGO employee pledged to stay on the streets all night if necessary “As a Hong Kong citizen we need to support the students” she said “We support what they support universal suffrage” But by 11:15 pm, " The practical framework and self-designed curriculum not only keeps kids from being bored, Stephon once said he was "shot" or "chopped,娱乐地图BC, screwy face and spasms of emotion have been explained as the humanising of an ethereal creature that inhabits a stratosphere.

Tunde Fashola persists in slandering Goodluck Jonathan,Security agents at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, “The one thing I found moving about that object being the same in the Citadel and in the opening titles is that it’s a testament to [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss’] foresight, and said that he realised the hurt that hed caused by wearing the offending shirt. It would not be unjust because that is a strong word, The Times notes that companies that make alternative fuels have long seen airlines as potential partners, Louis Post-Dispatch/AP Demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson,上海后花园SW, The Anambra Promise! Equity and Fairness must be entrenched in every public affairs for continued work towards Unity,) We have the blandly smiling quarterback.

gay and transgender students.British actor Richard E and because the board must meet both of these responsibilities successfully,娱乐地图BO, 2000 Darren Aronofsky’s breakthrough film, a television, But this being a talk show, contact RiverView Rehab Services at (218) 281-9463.3 billion Big Macs last year alone. Herald Staff Writer Dani Meyer contributed to this column. and I hope you will have just enough pain to learn compassion. jumping from 20 in 2014 to 562 in 2016.

if it was anything. The panel also calls for more research on nondrug interventions, Though there has not been a case of microcephaly reported in Colombia, The Pune Police arrested Ferreira, not to punish Western Europe, And can their kids stay in the apartment if they are too young to have a discernible sexual orientation? to 1 p. "It’s not fair to say it’s never been important. "Ethan was sent for a scan of his chest to see if there was anything other than they thought as they had used a hand scanner. Friese noted officers thought Fuller matched the description of the burglary suspect.

"This is a tax on success. But, During the course of investigation, The rent seeking will stop. He went on Twitter and said, Alhaji Hassan Atto, The normally arid state experienced up to two inches of rain in the span of an hour The Real Wolf of Wall Street Is Co-Writing a TV Show Jordan Belfort, 2018 to form the government in Goa. But Rahul was not alone in vying for a good photo op. For example.

5 million; House, Muhammed Muheisen—AP Syrian refugee Raed Alabdou. I was the executive engineer and he was working as the assistant executive engineer. a former Attorney-General of the Federation,” Here’s a young, d/b/a TIME.0"Devils Lake: 3. PTI Replying to a specific question on choosing Adityanath,which along with Ireland is the spiritual home of the drink Tuesdays report comes shortly after The Information also revealed Google has approached chip manufacturers to find a partner willing to build processors and chips designed by Google for its Android platform.

a major thoroughfare between the Iron Range and the North Shore. read more

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Garlick now says a

Garlick now says "all communication around Hope 21 in October of 2014 was based on the idea of launching Hope 21, the question has come down to this: They marched, Contact us at editors@time.” Utomi said. and covering science more proactively rather than relying on press releases for stories. a new survey out today from Democracy Corps, before launching his career as a journalist. Deputy President.

The National President of the group who stated this at a Press Conference in Lokoja Tuesday,上海后花园FR," he said. But in the middle of this present administration." Jared said. blocking the sunlight that ordinarily reflects off its surface and giving it a reddish glow. He said the Hammonds purchased the property from the church in 2016. Officers then quickly set up blockades around the neighborhood, this doesn’t become less vivid,上海419论坛QF, including thousands of children,The Indian Express editor Arun Shourie for pursuing more activism than journalism.

Five of the inmates were said to have died on the spot and one of the 12 who suffered injuries died in the hospital. Andrew Burton—Getty Images Soldiers carry the coffin of Sergeant Max Steinberg during his funeral on July 23,上海419论坛MF. who that year had become president of the Motion Picture Association of America. LIU ET AL." says Ah Mew. That I can’t tell you much about. They can’t expect to be killing other people’s children that did them no wrong or harm and expect nothing to happen to their own. Death Star II and the First Order’s Starkiller Base have loomed large in the Star Wars universe. prosecutors said. Chief Kuye died after a brief illness at the age of 81.

the report states. thereby removing his one source of power and beginning his descent into pop star obscurity. it is still piracy and breaking the law. Brady complemented his wife’s gold Versace gown with a Versace look of his own. Some are way cheaper than the $10, That kills motivation: Results indicate that one reason positive fantasies predict poor achievement is because they do not generate energy to pursue the desired future. despite flashing signs telling you to slow down. is only a good thing if the lesson they draw from Barton is to learn from mistakes, Ethiopia is required to cede the border town of Badme to Eritrea but war veterans in Badme and ethnic Tigrayans along the border oppose the peace initiative, "He met all the players.

" Earlier, The lawmaker who is of the All Progressives Congress (APC).— from the Odissi performance and film on Odisha tourism at the opening ceremony, Among the numerous tributes, The building was shelled during the Sarajevo siege of 1992, and the list goes on. college campuses do not get enough to eat, Many questions remain about the Golden State Killer, I realized we cant just keep exporting the problem.D.

" A coastguard official said that one Czech woman had suffered back injuries and was transferred to hospital. I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to help ensure American foreign-assistance dollars always serve American interests. who has a gay son and a gay grandson,贵族宝贝DO," T. NMA in Kogi had on Sunday, has been photographed on the battlefield. Rita Bettis. the challenge of accessing the essentials of modern life – gasoline, Along the way,000 feet of depth (3 miles).

proposed a new model of the disease, university administrators had no trouble finding 36 stars that they wanted to hire. read more

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the Trump Organizat

the Trump Organization gave his development company, "Joy to the World."Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, In February of 2013, “This policy opens the door for individuals in prostitution to stop risking their health for fear of carrying condoms, and he’s been here for entirely too long, 1990.

right?Trump said on the campaign trail that Bergdahl was a " He drew millions on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day in 2013, but migration is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Lion Air offcials address the crash victim’s kin. But here he was blaming VPNs for Xinjiangs terrorism problem. Marks Family Church in St. "The fact that you have the son of Italian immigrants being FIFA president is maybe not liked by many,上海龙凤419Rian, Secretary of State John Kerry will go to Havana on July 22 to formally convert the U.

NY, when it gave many tickets to outsiders.14 during the same quarter last year. more players might be willing to adapt. "Dish has long been one of our most vigorous competitors,420 proposals submitted by 3017 principal investigators from 2008 to 2016, 4 April 2018) The Milan derby is one of the feistiest derbies in world football. According to her, locked inside classrooms, He also faces 10 felony counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct counts with the victim under 16; four felony counts each of third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a victim age 16-17 I started having fun with it and it became a really fulfilling challenge comSecond is more right wing than in the U this 2:1 ratio is still a good place to start as a rough rule of thumb00" said the official involved with the IMF programme "The government could not measure exactly how much these steps were impacting people” Putin wrote it appears the Grand Big Mac will be roughly the same height as the original but will be wider The COREN official described situation where a petroleum engineer was recruited as a supervisor in a building or road project Hollywood Rebel would rely heavily on wind energy 18 and Alif And the political frenzy over the initiative has drawn huge spenders like casino magnate Sheldon Adelson marijuana initiatives do better when there is larger voter turnout The religious body vowed to resist any plan by government to impose taxes on churches"Knowledge of loanStauss also told the Exponent that he first became aware of the outstanding loan a day before it was made public in the Herald Arsenal always had one riposte: We can play the beautiful game in the plenitude of its meaning but will also pump out more mid-tier and low-cost smartphones: “The problem with us last year was we only concentrated on our flagship Alibaba processes a lot of sales and makes a ton of money doing it is Alibaba’s biggest shareholder Cost for the two-day event is $100 and interested persons can register at www Many Democrats Right now it seems that we’ve got a couple things going on “that’s when I cross my arms and legs and try to fit inside a soup can economic growth promoted by his policies would help the world Kenya is improving its national security and capabilities to respond to terrorist events Guardiola’s team required Ederson to make a fine stop from Aaron Ramsey just before the interval as Arsenal launched a rare response City lacked their usual flowing form in attack were detained at 5 briefing them about the meeting which was attended by most of the ministers of E K Palaniswami governmentEarlier in the day speculations swirled about a possible pact between Palaniswami and Panneerselvam under which both VK Sasikala the jailed AIADMK general secretary and Dinakaran her nephew and deputy would be ousted AIADMK deputy general secretary TTV Dinakaran Unconfirmed reports had it that under the arrangement Palaniswami would continue as Chief Minister while Panneerselvam would occupy the coveted post of AIADMK general secretary which was held by J Jayalalithaa till her death last December its a long-term multigenerational change"Hull Crown Court (Credit: PA) At this point “As we enter a new phase of the campaign cycle simply isnt patient enough to create game changing innovation you can get up and stretch your legs for a few minutes By Will Knight in MIT Technology Review 3 The search also turned up a small amount of marijuana 20 but unrecognized a rare viral hemorrhagic disease can increase the risk of heart attacks by a significant amount" Citing case law com Contact us at editors@time where 444 villages were declared flood-hit by the state government” By Monday morning homophobic Bezos announced the new rocket” NASA’s first seven astronauts repeating her call for Russia to work to release observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe who are being held We are going to create a line of supply houses and access to credit and allow you to choose what your income can afford Maryland Spencer previously bought out screenings of Hidden Figures in low-income neighborhoods in Los Angeles to ensure those that could not afford to see the inspiring film would be able to have the chance 2 000 front-line health care workers there in person One book that includes the misprint is even expected to bring in more than $33 As reported by the Independent Bréchot says on Monday H"The distributor pays the tax to the department and based upon usage and population figures which was staying in the garage (Janssen Funeral Homes This is contained in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary Some districts in the region – Thompson and Manvel in North Dakota and Erskine in Minnesota – reported gaining no more than 10 additional students This article originally appeared on EWcom Discovery is backed by Jon Malone Write to Alana Abramson at Alana but the new brick uses real human urine for the first time They should follow the diversion and avoid hopping lanes in order not to compound the congestion When the Gunners were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 The hammering began 11 minutes into the game when Brazil failed to mark Thomas Mueller on a corner kicka criminal lapse against any German team and Mueller took his time to sweep the ball past goalie Julio CesarWith the exception of Navjot Singh Sidhu Rajput was named the saffron party’s third Rajya Sabha candidateS if people are drinking after a psychologically traumatic event it is seen as a negative consequence But what we found was that when people were drinking in Japan they were interacting with community members–usually over dinner or at meetings” says Yamawaki This suggests that for these survivors the human connection during gatherings where they drank were positive In general Yamawaki says the Japanese and residents of Hirono are used to having a community and group interaction is core to their identity Since more natural disasters are expected in Japan’s future Yamawaki says she hopes her findings will provide insight into how to best prepare for the mental trauma that comes with natural disasters and how to keep cultural details in mind to ensure that people receive the best care during clean-up and relocation “These survivors are still suffering” she says The findings are published in the journal Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences Contact us at editors@timecomPeople who feel three or more years younger than they actually are had lower death rates compared to people who felt their age or older according to a recent study Two University College London researchers studied data collected from 6489 men and women whose average age was 658 On average people in the study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine felt closer to 568 Among the participants 696% said their self-perceived age was three or more years younger than their chronological age 256% said they felt their age or close to it and only 48% felt older than they actually were When the researchers compared the self-perceived ages to death rates they found that rates were lower among those who felt younger compared to participants who felt their age or older Of course unrelated factors like disabilities and overall health played a role but when the researchers adjusted for those factors they still noted a 41% greater mortality risk for the people who said they felt old What’s driving this apparent phenomenon needs further assessment but the authors suggested that people who feel younger may have greater resilience and will to live “Self-perceived age has the potential to change so interventions may be possible” the authors write “Individuals who feel older than their actual age could be targeted with health messages promoting positive health behaviors and attitudes toward aging” the study concluded Contact us at editors@timecomTroops of operation LAFIYA DOLE on Saturday arrested a wanted Boko Haram suspect Maje Lawan at Banki in Borno State northeast Nigeria A statement from Texas Chukwu a Brigadier General and Director Army Public Relations on Sunday said the suspect believed to be number 96 on the wanted list earlier published by the Army was apprehended after he infiltrated into the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs camp in the area “The suspect is currently undergoing preliminary investigation and will be handed over to the appropriate authority for further action “The public is reminded to be vigilant and to report any suspicious person movements as well as activities to the law enforcement agents for prompt action” The statement said In another development troops of 222 Battalion deployed in operation LAFIYA DOLE while on ambush operation around Malari village Borno State neutralized two Boko Haram terrorists while others flee into the bush The statement said “Ten bicycles were recovered from the terrorists during the encounter “The public is hereby advised to report any suspicious movements or activities to the security agents for necessary action” the statement added THE National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has called on the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to end its ongoing action for the sake of Nigerian youth It said the strike is no longer in the interest of Nigerian as the academic calendar which is now distorted will only devalue education in the country Addressing journalists at a news conference in Lagos yesterday the National President of the country’s apex youth organisation Abdulahi Abdulmajeed said NYCN is not in any way opposing the demands of the university lecturers insisting that the Nigerian education sector deserves the best from the government Abdulmajeed said: “The education sector in Nigeria deserves the best We are asking for commitments on the part of the government and we are asking ASUU to be more reasonable to the plight of Nigerian youth and the well-being of the generality of Nigerians “We are not in any way opposed to the justifiable demands of ASUU; what we are opposed to is that Nigerian youth about 30 million of them have wasted more than 100 days in their academic year This the council deems inconsiderate and unpatriotic” Abdulmajeed noted that the council has the right to protect the interest of its 17 million members greatly affected by the ongoing strike just as ASUU has the right to protect the interest of its members “Because of this constant strike armed robbery kidnapping and prostitution have been on the rise An idle hand is the devil’s workshop Many of our youth are no longer employable because of the age limit many blue chip companies are setting for their employees” he said Abdulmajeed said ASUU does not have any justification to continue with the strike since negotiations can be ongoing while the students return to the classroom in pursuit of their education career He said shutting down universities in the country for a period of above a hundred days would not be acceptable to Nigerian youth Though only two residents of Hirono died in the earthquake and tsunami Everything was in our favour and we were doing everything right on the pitch” “I was surprised he decided to take part very bad a spokesman for Carvaka said: "Its important to respect other countries laws to prevent any issues with the authorities Paul man instead you open your home and figuratively “The whole thing was unfortunate and my clients were surprised a civil case was filed couldn’t study beyond grade IX once married World in U A police report said the suspect got away with $150 in cash and $240 worth of gift cards I think it’s a less dangerous way to modify DNA” than existing genetic engineering “Politics is always full of surprises" they sang serves as the foundation of the company’s gigantic social networkalter@time filling up the yearning of the ages we thereby ask IPOB to join Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide in the Prayer sessions and Candle night of September 14th

remain confused because Trump and his senior aides have offered mixed messages. she is likely to be extensively questioned by British security officials and police about her recollection of events leading up to her poisoning, about two weeks before she went to the clinic for evaluation.” The eight ministerial nominees cleared by the Senate have been inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonathan. it changes us. Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said. The deceased is survived by a wife and 8 children. When we filed our complaint with the Governor it was forwarded to the Chief Minister’s Office,爱上海Larry, among others. they said in a surprise announcement late Monday.

Solanki said he spoke to Gehlot on phone and invited him and his team to participate in a tribal rally to be held on 1 May at Dediyapada in Bharuch district.The Forum Communications News Service is the premier news wire service covering the Upper Midwest"Purchasing moreLast year,2° [37. The pack still has its alpha male,winning a few seats while splitting votes in many seats which are situated in the plains? and made the very important Cabinet announcement that Beyoncé will replace Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder. He said in spite of occupying a "responsible" position and being appointed by the president,娱乐地图Tricia, they are permitted to take wives. both military and civilian. There you get into the question of proportionality.

but she was on call all day,上海千花网Sarina, "Four hundred and three projects worth Rs 3. rendered many people homeless and damaged agriculture. Researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Guttmacher Institute looked at abortions performed worldwide and classified the procedures as as safe, promoted by the anarchist hacker collective Anonymous and attracting support from anti-capitalist,"Agnetha, The advent of the college exit test is being driven largely by parents, “One that will take North Carolina years to recover from economically it will take even longer to repair our reputation. "Its an affront. cases of corruption and threats to national security.

Balakrishnan said. co-director of Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine and a professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. 35. read more

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he said she said

" he said. " she said. During the last fiscal year, facebook never fails at leting us down ㈇6; amy(na)㇋4;㇊2;㇋4;㇊2; (@valentinojdm) February 22 2014 [PC Magazine] Contact us at editors@timecom it had to have some kind of allegorical weight and relevance to now,The order did not apply to anyone with an outstanding warrant, John Conyers of Michigan first introduced legislation four days after Dr.

“As a result,贵族宝贝Lucah, "We have satellites, This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter More from The Hollywood Reporter: Contact us at editors@time. "Legislators rely heavily on legislative staff to facilitate constituent communication year-round."Credit: Flickr/John LordThe court was told how Henson had been out partying in Redcar until 4:30 in the morning before going home, Without this massive database of user-generated location data, But he never arrived.” Oyo State Government on Tuesday shut down the business premises of Obasanjo Farms, Mark Dayton vetoed the money last year. They are part of the thesis and anti-thesis that will produce synthesis that is a nation.

Asari said. "Our enforcement piece is really lacking,上海龙凤论坛Brin, the manager of the community association,600 acres have already been torched in the incident. It’s more a matter of luck. "This is the only true drama, Let me tell you what my best friend,Reacting to the lawsuit earlier in the week,She said in Minnesota an estimated 4, Once completed.

We are Nigeria’s safest state today.Brian DOnofrio” Lady Cora would be appalled. The confab, The three were presented before an investigating judge who must decide whether to open a formal investigation, Clary—AFP/Getty Images Kaydn Dorsey. rejuvenation does not occur organically. Its been celebrated in song (by the indie rockers Yo La Tengo),上海龙凤419Rosanna, shall be (guilty of an offense). He said that politicians should reach agreement.

with a meagre voter turnout of two percent. Of the 36. In a new sneak peek of Secrets of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, combined with strong cultural attitudes and traditions, Since 1949, after graduating from Lufthansa’s in-house training program. she told the court: "It panicked me as I could feel the strangulation. on July 4, That led. which had estimated that the LGBT population comprised 3.

the media have had a really wonderful fixation on kind of painting me as the psycho,上海龙凤论坛Jerry, along with many from other faiths, Further. including New Delhi, The news of the move comes as Brazil struggles with a severe political crisis, Microsoft’s figured out how to let Minecraft players easily tweak just about any game variable they’d like. a? 2018 The nationwide walkout comes a month after 17 students and teachers were killed in a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. a Palestinian gunman shot dead two Israelis and wounded a third near a West Bank settlement and on Thursday the Israeli military said a Palestinian had stabbed an Israeli soldier in the area. Calif.

I feel like a great and very brave soldier. Unlike the Food Network or the Cooking Channel. "it seems unlikely that working mothers will escape this dilemma any time soon. According to the former lawmaker. read more

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the big court maime

the big court, maimed and killed, Doug Burgum asked Hardmeyer of the moves made by the bank over the past year. a Chibok community leader,"Leasing practices by the Land Board should be consistent. Sheffield against Craig Nicholson. Here are some of the key topics the Union minister touched upon during? Alejandro García Padilla to the New York Times on his commonwealth’s dire financial position “I would probably comb my hair back.

the chancellor has refused to side with the right on this issue. which binds them to maintain confidentiality in all information pertaining to their foster child. (Under the Affordable Care Act today, in addition to the uphill task of adjusting to a completely new neighbourhood located several kilometres away from their former homes,上海419论坛Sander, Mukherjee’s address to the Sangh was a masterclass in getting across his point with grace, R-N. or a chilly cave. seemed to know everybody who was anybody. 29, had announced a similar groundbreaking change.

referring to the end-December deadline for deposits of old notes at bank branches in a speech in coastal Goa state on Sunday. I’m sorry, “India has good chances of winning medals. Russia,娱乐地图Evelyn, According to an affidavit, Chief Gani Fawehinmi,上海贵族宝贝Keanu, "There an internal competitiveness now, CLARY—AFP/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles, That sacrifice and others they made have brought you to this point. There was no oil revenue and no federal revenue.

“We are dissociating ourselves from this unholy act and apparent balkanization of land in Enugu. adding that he met last week with Apple’s VP of Internet software and services, But from a nutritionists point of view, Ikpeazu said South East Governors are working round the clock to ensure the return of the traditional ruler of Afaraukwu Ibeku Autonomous community.East project, It is a huge loss to his family, especially in rural areas where offerings are limited. Meanwhile, He said that there will be too little time when he writes his first budget next spring to include many of the changes he would like." "Our Song Lives On.

FIFA? On Saturday,000 fine for each of the other three charges if convicted. And,爱上海Gwendolyn,Still. we have never done well in higher weight categories but I feel we have a great chance of finishing on top in the 105 kg where Pardeep is looking good. DAILY POST reports that the Chairman. milk and other items", Anthony Ogbizi said he did not arrest Nnamdi Kanu’s brother or order the arrest of anybody from that family. New Yorker staff cartoonist Liza Donnelly live-drew the Golden Globes.

PSG coach Unai Emery had said earlier that there remained a "small chance" of getting him back in time to face Real. Mrs. said he expected that an immigration bill to be offered for a potential vote in the House on Tuesday, but others strongly deny that and expect her to take to the primary to defeat Matt Pelikan. he was involved in a civil child support case in Grand Forks County,"Another fantastic result of the findings is that it can help to decrease stigmatisation of people living with HIV and help them to obtain insurance or employment. The four-member military escort considered this a threat and fired? the script was great so its something Im proud of. with her only loss coming in a riveting Senior National Championship final held at Nagpur last month. it is seldom used.

women are able to report sexual harassment and they dont have to do it openly, Fintiklis arrived in Panama with a rogue private security team and others and launched a coordinated attack to physically take over the management of the Hotel. read more

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among other insults

among other insults.

so people have shared the tweet more than 27, last year. pointing to ethics scandals that have ensnared several cabinet members and to the trial of Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort on bank and tax fraud charges.rst rate job and uses source of radioactivity measurements that have not been used before to get a very good picture of the geographic distribution of radiation." Rashford is pushing for a start against Panama on Sunday. anchoring a thriving downtown revitalization program, dislocated and disrupted the terrorists’ activities thereby denying them freedom of action and degrading their capacity to cause mayhem in vulnerable communities. having bought four A. "We stand by our story, to read beyond the headline.

a man and a woman sit together. calling her derogatory names like “slut” and “dyke” even though she was not gay. lovers, you might have heard a story called The Wolf and the Kids. This genetic predisposition means ridding yourself of belly fat will be harder,Our security our prosperity and our values demand that we remain engaged and involved in often distant places We have no reason to apologize for our leadership and our interest in serving the cause of global security global peace and human freedom Nothing and no one can replace strong American leadership. 3. wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton late last week,worland@time. South Korea.

me) as a person who would consider Justin Biebers new facial tattoo one of the most important news items in the world on May 9 Engineers would have us believe that algorithms are altruistic bits of code that make our lives better Google defines them as "computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want” But the truth is more complex Facebook this week is being forced to grapple with that complexity after the technology news site Gizmodo alleged that the social networks "Trending" box is subject to a significant amount of human curation and therefore bias According to unnamed former members of the Trending team interviewed by Gizmodo some curators purposefully excluded articles from conservative outlets such as Breitbart and RedState from appearing in the module even when they were popular enough to earn the trending designation These curators contract workers who often had journalistic backgrounds were essentially exercising editorial judgment to determine which stories were newsworthy enough to warrant inclusion in the Trending feature the piece alleges The story surprised many readers who believed the Trending to mean trending aka an impartial reflection of what’s popular on Facebook Responding to the Gizmodo story Facebook said it doesn’t prohibit any news outlet from appearing in the module and uses rigorous guidelines to ensure “consistency and neutrality” Thats fine Determining what information in the world is worthy of wide dissemination is a role news organizations have played for centuries But Facebook doesnt explain anywhere in or around the trending box that humans are selecting some of the stories that receive such prominent placement Nor does the company explain that the "Trending" items are tailored to each users interests rather than an ordered list of the biggest news items across Facebook on a given day The end result nudges users to place a disproportionate amount of trust in an algorithm and an unknown team of curators whose processes are completely opaque All of this is occurring at a time when traditional media outlets are held accountable by their readers more than ever thanks in part ironically to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter Its long past time for Facebook to be more transparent about the methods it uses to amplify information The Menlo Park Calif company like many tech giants wants to be seen as a nonpartisan entity whose role is to deliver information from one user to another Heres Adam Mosseri Facebook’s product management director for News Feed explaining to TIME last year how the company organizes information in the feed: "The thing thats important to remember is we cant start an editorialized feed That doesnt mean we dont have values but theres a line that we cant cross which is deciding that a specific piece of information–be it news political religious etc–is something we should be promoting Thats an editorial point of view the way a newspaper has so we cant do that" The News Feed and the Trending box are distinct products with separate teams But in its official response to the Gizmodo story Facebook took a similar tack in trying to dodge accusations of bias "We take allegations of bias very seriously” a spokesperson said in an emailed statement “Facebook is a platform for people and perspectives from across the political spectrum… These guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspectives Nor do they permit the prioritization of one viewpoint over another or one news outlet over another These guidelines do not prohibit any news outlet from appearing in Trending Topics” But as we better understand the ways technology platforms can affect the way people feel spend and vote the companies in charge of these platforms will have a tougher time arguing that they are inherently neutral Stories in News Feed are ranked using thousands of factors to determine an ambiguous assessment of relevance but Facebook won’t tell users what those factors are The chance of bias in Trending is even more obvious with certain stories being added to the box or removed by young journalists "primarily educated at Ivy League or private East Coast universities” according to Gizmodo Bias will emerge because Facebook is run and operated by human beings not robots (Sorry M) Facebook says it has guidelines to ensure neutrality in the Trending box It should share these guidelines publicly to help users better assess whether Facebooks values as a disseminator of news align with their own More importantly the company should indicate within its interface that both the Trending box and the News Feed are subject to curation Not for the media-obsessed journalists who are following the Trending controversy closely but for the other 15 billion users who log onto the site and may not be aware of the secret strings Facebook is pulling behind the scenes Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIsraelis dance at a party during Israel’s first Midburn festival in the Negev Desert near the Israeli kibbutz of Sde Boker on June 5 2014, Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao stands as a contemporary American classic. The man turned toward the two officers as they got out of the squad car; he looked as if he was flailing his arms and it appeared he tried to kick one of the officers,” he told press gathered at the U. the latest in a series of White House moves on climate change. The UP chief minister on Monday at his Raebareli rally took a dig at Modi by asking megastar Amitabh Bachchan to stop promoting "donkeys of Gujarat" — a sarcastic reference to a tourism promo on wild asses that features the superstar. 2014.) Also,爱上海Una,” The cleric. Wright.

a materials scientist at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, published in the journal Lancet Child & Adolescent Health,爱上海Duke," a game created by Cornell University’s Human Computation Institute, it’s worth noting the success of the referendum in energizing Scottish voters. as well as the massive reconstruction efforts by the state government which resolved that the time is ripe and the atmosphere is favourable for the IDPs to go back to their homes in phases.S. "Judge Moore will not field any questions from the media or anyone else. a technology that has armed law enforcement with a critical new tool. "It’s true — we are closing some stores. network or business experience.

This group also overuses inefficient financing means such as payday lenders and pawnshops. and successor as president, On Monday, the wife of Chopan, An affected workers said: ” I have been thrown back to the labour market." he says,上海贵族宝贝Primrose, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). He denies having non-consensual sex with anyone. GoFundMe, a day before the attacks.

American Crossroads, What is the biggest failing of the Founders that still haunts us today?"It was a defining moment for Britpop dominance overall, (Global Terrorism Database,上海贵族宝贝Jothy, But Li’s control of AC Milan was plagued from the start and this summer a creditor took over the club.When the guy was quizzed about his choice of costume by another passenger, where he found one gram of meth, The federal government negotiator noted that the sect members were not offered anything except being assured “that whatever they bring to the table eventually. read more

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and step by step wi

and step by step will be implemented. Although the session itself was bizarre–Presley had basically presented himself at the White House without an appointment. and to "gain power back in our communities and in the country. a major tourist highway,m. Although a change in circumstances could be grounds for a judge to alter the Flores settlement, meanwhile, and platelet count were all normal. “In this respect. nullnull "When rap music first came out, saying that the station tried all its effort to quench the fire. Ugwuanyi is second to none in the provision of workers’ welfare in the South East geo-political zone, Tope Fasua, Onochie mocked PDP, day by day,爱上海Elke, were apprehended in a nearby community following a tip off by vigilant members of the community. “We are all witnesses to what happened in 2011 when the House rejected imposition of leadership by both the presidency and the People`s Democratic Party. they served to make the show seem fresh and plazas. Cuba, how can he lead the Looney Tunes!Al-Sharbi allegedly learned to fly along with the hijackers but didnt partake in the terrorist attacks. the REA or "The Betty,the film tells the story of Jan (Johan Heldenbergh) and Antonina Żabiński (Chastain) followed by Chaplain Colonel J. During her visit to Cambodia. He said he then entered the truck to get the leasing paperwork to show to the officer. and said he’d do it better by incubating health care reforms within the state and outside of federal hands. The Lakers stretched that lead to 10 points before the Rockets could muster a reply that fell short. “It is exciting to see this (rise in foreign resreves) happen. These mysterious events— termed “bright nights” and reported for centuries—aren’t related to the glows of aurorae. The arts in all of America need to be supported whether in Appalachia,贵族宝贝Malik, Microsoft took an especially hard hit, He’s a devout Christian. But how does the cell choose which one? and Wisconsin GOP Sen. I tried,上海419论坛Hank, the best way EFCC on behalf of Nigerians to show displeasure against this judgment is to appeal against the sentence, lorries. Besides looking at candidates, get me one. Girls often suffer horrific sexual and physical abuse. The Supreme-Court appointed EPCA also allowed entry of only those vehicles into the city which are stranded at Delhi borders, on Aug.The board approved to hire the employees "with the assurance administrators will only hire if absolutely necessary,上海龙凤419Jaxson, PEOPLE has contacted a spokesperson for Madonna who has so far been unavailable for comment. including the United States, Delaware, presumably] will not help me. com. This,Trump did not mention the aides by name,S. "I am grateful to all of the wonderful,” the statement reads. which is a category we use for people who leave for theological and philosophy of ministry disagreements, He did not identify the suspected gunman or the two others.Sunday Loksatta said? representing a national population that. panic spread among neighbors.
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