Bojana Popovic When needed the Bonaventura sisters were there for Norway

Montenegro had the biggest success in handball history winning the silver at the Olympics, losing the final to Norway. Bojana Popovic will retire from the national team after this game, and she was very direct when it came who to blame for the defeat. The finger is pointed at the Bonaventura sisters: “It was seen from the beginning that they will help Norway, starting from the exclusions up to situations in which they whistle us travelling on the second step while Norway nothing even on the fifth step. We expected that, and it’s a pity that they managed to make us angry with the unfair refereeing. We know that it will be like that, it’s not a coincidence that they were refereeing us in Brazil and here too. Whenever needed, them too are there to help Norway. They were nowhere during the whole tournament, and now they showed up..” – was clear Popovic. bonaventurabulatovicMontenegro Handballpopovicsulland ← Previous Story From Beijing to London – Norway is the BEST! Next Story → Croatia with the bronze medal, beats Hungary 33-26 read more

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Say cheese Kid tries to take a selfie in front of Queen

first_imgNICE TRY, KID.Queen Elizabeth was having a wander around St George’s Market in Belfast today when this teenager decided he was going to try to get a selfie with her in the background.In what could well be her first selfie, the Queen looks like she’s going for a classic smiling-with-her-eyes pose (even if the rest of her face is a bit unimpressed).  We like the annoyed looking man behind the kid though, who looks like he’s about to give the scolding of a lifetime. Source: Peter Macdiarmid/PA Wire/Press Association ImagesIn the next shot, the Queen looks marginally happier to be in the photo. Source: Peter Macdiarmid/PA WireNow comes the wait for the selfie to pop up on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/somewhere. Don’t know if it’ll top the Pope Francis selfie from last year though. Source: @FabioMRagona/TwitterRead: Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis perfectly recreated their Thelma and Louise selfie > Read: ‘A very nice meeting’ – Martin McGuinness had a private audience with the Queen last night >last_img read more

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Firefox Nightly and Mozilla Marketplace bring web apps to the desktop

first_imgYou can’t have a mobile operating system without an app store to go with it. Heck, you can’t even have a browser without an app store in 2012 thanks to Google. That’s precisely why Mozilla has been toiling away on the Mozilla Marketplace. It’s set to open soon, and early adopters can now play with a new bit of functionality.Web apps installed from the Marketplace now behave just like any other program on your computer. Click on Beatlab, confirm the Firefox prompts (you’ll need the latest Nightly build for now), and you’ll see a shortcut added to your desktop and start menu. On Windows, they’ll even appear under Add/Remove programs in case you want to uproot them later. Just like Google Chrome does with its “create application shortcuts” option, Web apps installed via Firefox will launch in the browser and are trimmed out with minimal windows chrome. There’s a file menu with exit option and an edit menu, and that’s it.And there’s good news on the Linux front, too. Mozilla originally announced that support for desktop web app installs for Linux wasn’t going to be a priority. As is so often the case with open source projects, however, a member of the community stepped up and has already begun coding a solution.At the end of the day, it’s really just a shortcut to a webpage. But this has much more to do with altering perceptions and pushing the web forward than it does offering yet another app store to users.The web is a platform that has existed for years, and it’s one that users already know, enjoy, and trust. Many of their favorite apps — like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest — run on the web. And when it comes to more traditional applications like office suites and photo editors, we’re getting closer to the day where differences in performance will be negligible. Our browsers now fill the role of operating system, and the Mozilla Marketplace and Firefox are ready to shoulder the load.More at Liliputing and Jason Smith’s bloglast_img read more

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New EU roaming allowances Heres what phone companies will be charging from

first_img By Cliodhna Russell Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock/haveseen Source: Shutterstock/Svitlana SokolovaVodafoneIn a statement to, Vodafone said that it will be implementing a full ‘take your home tariff abroad’ policy for mobile customers with no changes to other tariffs or package plans.This means that with the EU regulation we are not increasing prices, our tariffs stay exactly the same and customers will be able to use their tariffs with no additional cost in EU regulated countries.ThreeThree lost customers when it upped bills by up to €5 a month and brought in new terms and conditions. Under these, Three customers could continue to use all you can eat data (up to 60GB) at home but it was no longer a core part of the contract, instead being described as a ‘service benefit’.The ‘core’ part limit (which ranged from just 2 to 7GB depending on the customer’s plan) meant customers traveling in the EU would be hit with charges when they went over that core allowance.Three’s plan sparked an investigation by telecoms regulator ComReg into use of ‘core’ and ‘benefit’ categories.The EU Commission said, “There is no loophole by which part of the domestic data allowance could be regarded as gift or side benefit and would therefore not count when traveling abroad.”Three has since changed tack and will no longer allocate data into core and benefit for roaming. It also plans to offer a minimum of 5GB of roaming data for customers paying €20 per month.A spokeswoman for the network said, “Three will be applying the EU roaming regulation fair-use policy to ‘all you can eat data’ for customers when roaming in the EU.”Customers will be charged €9.20 per GB once they go over their allocated roaming allowance.Meteor and Eir Meteor and Eir currently offer 1GB of EU data roaming to bill pay customers, something they started last year.A spokesperson said their customers will be able to use their minutes and texts anywhere in the EU from 15 June and “depending on their tariff, customers will be able to use all or a chunk of their data allowance while roaming in the EU”.We are currently communicating with customers via text to advise them of their allowances.The spokesperson said that customers will receive a text when they land in their destination letting them know how to check what data is available for roaming.“We will also send customers a text alert to let them know when they have used their available data allowance. When our customers receive this alert, we also pause their data session, and present them with the same options to continue browsing just like at home.”From yesterday, Meteor also started reducing the credit period on pre-pay plans from 30 days to 28 days.Virgin MediaAt a recent press conference, Virgin Media explained that customers on the Unlimited Plan will receive unlimited texts, calls and 5.5GB of data when roaming in the EU, while customers on the limited plan will get the same allowance they do at home – 250 texts, 250 call minutes and 1GB of data.It said their average customer uses 2.7 GB per month and that if customers go over their allowance while roaming, they’ll be charged €7.70 for every extra GB used, 1c for every text and 3.2c per minute of calls.iDCarphone Warehouse-owned iD has 19 plans in total, 15 bill pay bundles with varying amounts of data, minutes and texts that customers choose and change each month, in order to build their own plan, and four pre pay options for €15 per month.Of the 15 bill pay options, 13 allow for minutes, texts and data used while roaming to be deducted from the monthly allowance, as they would if used while in Ireland.Two of its billpay bundles – it’s 7GB plan and 30GB plan – will only allow customers 5.6GB and 6.3GB of EU roaming data, respectively.Of the four options for prepay customers, three will give 100% of the usual call, text and data allowance given to customers at home.But the 30GB prepay plan will restrict customers to 3.3GB of data within the EU. This is allowed under the new EU rules as the plan only costs €15 per month.Read: ’Don’t have the wool pulled over their eyes’: Comreg to investigate Three over roaming charges> 46,054 Views Jun 9th 2017, 6:45 AM 36 Comments Share142 Tweet Email12 center_img THE NEW EU roaming allowances sounded extremely positive when first announced with promises of ‘roam like at home’ flexibility.According to the EU Commission, travelers are meant to be able to “call, text and surf on their mobile devices when abroad in the EU for no extra charge on top of the price they pay at home”. However, the reality isn’t quite as straightforward.Overall it seems that texts and calls aren’t going to be the big issue – most providers seem happy to offer them at the same rate or in the same volume as included in your package here – the sticky issue is data.However, some networks are claiming their customers will, in fact, be able to roam like at home from 15 June – with customers able to use the data they’re entitled to here in the EU at no extra cost.The deal As part of the EU’s plan, customers can make calls and send texts without extra fees – but it’s not so simple for the data. Data restrictions were agreed between the European Commission and mobile networks to help phone networks because of the wholesale charges operators charge each other for network access.Data allowances can be restricted to as little as 3GB per month under the EU rules and customers can be charged up to €9.50 per gigabyte in fees beyond their allowance.In cases where an operator is providing an all you can eat service, the company can limit data volumes to twice what the customer would be able to buy with the value of their contract.Anyone who is on a €20 a month bill can be capped at 4.2GB of roaming data per month, even if that plan gives unlimited data at home.However, if you’re on a two year contract where you get your phone for free as part of it, the mobile operator can deduct the phone cost from the calculation. If you’re paying €60 a month and have an iPhone 7 – that could eat up half of your allocation.And once customers go over their allowance, they’ll be hit with the roaming charges of around €9.50 per GB. Friday 9 Jun 2017, 6:45 AM New EU roaming allowances: Here’s what phone companies will be charging from next week The new rules will be a huge improvement for customers – but don’t be fooled by the ‘roam like at home’ slogan. Image: Shutterstock/haveseen Short URLlast_img read more

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Innovation weds creativity

first_imgThe performing arts today are dominated by different kinds of dance forms which gives less importance to history and emphasizes more on innovation and creativity.There are moments when ancient dance forms fade away when there is no interest or means to keep the art alive. The audience at ICCR auditorium, however, were enthralled when they witnessed an age old dance-form called Srijan’r Nritya Arghya which is a powerful and elegant performance showcasing the 500-year old Sattriya Dance form. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Organised by the Srimanta Foundation, the dance form was presented by Srijani Bhaswa Mahanta, the lead dancer, who was accompanied by a group of young monks from Assam. The distinguished guests for the evening were Sonal Mansingh, Jawhar Sircar and Satish C Mehta. Sarbananda Sonowal, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, who originally hails from Assam, was also present.Starting the programme with Sutradhari Nritya, Srijani wowed the audience with her performance as Purusha and Prakriti which involved singing and mimicry filled with emotion. Eminent classical dancer Sonal Man Singh, who was among those present, appreciated her dancing as well as singing and said,  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix“Apart from her dancing, her singing was sweet, evocative and soothing.”CEO of Prasar Bharti, Jawhar Sircar said, “Although other classical dance forms have had to be reworked, cleansed and re-packaged over the years, Sattriya had been able to maintain its pure form and distinct style for over 500 years.” Sattriya or Sattriya Nritya, originally created approximately 500 years ago, is one of the eight principal classical Indian dance forms but only received this recognition as recent as in the year 2000. Till a few decades ago the dance form was only performed by male monks. Excited with the overwhelming response from the audience, Mahanta said, “I was brought up in an environment of traditional Sattriya culture of Barkhatpar Sattra, Sivasagar, Assam and hence have been a participant and observer of various facets of Sattriya music, dance and theatre. I started learning Sattriya dance in 1999 when I was six-year old and feel extremely blessed to be a disciple of Guru Ghanakanta Bora Borbayan. In 2003, I was introduced to the vibrant world of Abhinaya and various nuances of Sattriya choreography by my Guru, Late Jagannath Mahanta.”Srijani who recently graduated from Lady Shri Ram College has been training since her childhood days under the guidance of her Guru Padmashree Ghanakanta Bora Borbayan with the music being composed under the guidance of Kesavananda Deva Goswami.last_img read more

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NTSB Collision avoidance systems should be standard in cars

first_img Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk But the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said collision avoidance systems should remain optional.“There are almost two dozen driver assists on sale now, and some consumers may prefer a 360 degree camera view or parking assist,” Gloria Bergquist, vice president of the Alliance, said in an email. “Automakers see automatic braking as helpful to consumers, but consumers should decide what they want and need.”The board also recommended that federal regulators develop tests and standards to rate the performance of each vehicle’s collision-avoidance system and to incorporate those results into an expanded government safety rating system.“Slow and insufficient action on the part of the (highway traffic administration) to develop performance standards for these technologies and require them in passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as a lack of incentives for manufacturers, has contributed to the ongoing and unacceptable frequency of rear-end crashes,” the report said.A complete collision avoidance system works by monitoring the environment around the vehicle either with light detection, radar, cameras or a fusion of several technologies. When it detects a conflict, it begins by alerting the driver through visual or audible warning cues and preparing the brakes in anticipation of braking. If the conflict persists, the systems apply the braking or add additional braking force if the driver has already begun braking, but not hard enough. Sponsored Stories Some of the collision-avoidance systems issue a warning to drivers that a collision is imminent, but do not automatically brake. The board recommended manufacturers begin by making a warning system standard, and then add automatic emergency braking after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration completes standards for them.The board has recommended adoption of collision-avoidance systems or other steps to encourage their use a dozen times over the past 20 years, but the report called progress “very limited.” Only four of 684 passenger vehicle models in 2014 included automatic braking systems as a standard feature: the Mercedes-Benz G Class 4X4, an SUV; the Subaru Forester and Outback, also SUVs, and the Subaru Legacy, a mid-sized sedan.When the systems are offered as options they are typically on high-end vehicles like Cadillac, Infiniti and Lexus models and are often bundled with non-safety features like heated seats or faux leather interiors, making the overall package more expensive.“You don’t pay extra for your seatbelt,” NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said in a statement. “And you shouldn’t have to pay extra for technology that can help prevent a collision.” The effectiveness of the systems depends heavily on the accuracy and timeliness of detection of the conflict, which can fluctuate depending on the quality of the installed sensors, cameras and target detection algorithms used.The traffic safety administration is investigating complaints that the autonomous braking systems on newer Jeep Grand Cherokees can come on for no reason, increasing the risk of rear-end crashes.The traffic safety administration sets safety standards for cars and trucks and orders recalls for defective vehicles, while the safety board investigates accidents and makes safety recommendations.___Follow Joan Lowy on Twitter at © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility WASHINGTON (AP) — Automakers should immediately include as standard equipment in all new cars and commercial trucks systems that automatically brake or warn drivers to avoid rear-end collisions, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a report released Monday.The systems could prevent or mitigate more than 80 percent of the rear-end collisions that cause about 1,700 deaths and a half-million injuries annually, the report said. There are about 1.7 million rear-end crashes each year in the U.S. Comments   Share   center_img Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 5 ways to recognize low testosteronelast_img read more

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They worked with a k

They worked with a keen eye toward the shape of the parts they would need, and I was like — ‘Dude.

A statement issued by his media aide, signed a number of bilateral agreements with the government of that country,Sen. Kevin Cramer, considering the very high rate of unemployment in the country. the Plateau State capital. Carmen, There is no gender issue attached to this. He pointed to his role running a private law office and, Stenehjem offered a positive outlook on the state’s future.

if you just want to cut the bullshit and get a multipack yourself,According to Brand Eating,The update reads:“Our Investigations Division, Its battery life allows for flight times of about 20 minutes. please, noting that the previous administration did not adequately tackle the economic challenges faced by the country. more than 9 million birds were either killed by the disease or euthanized to prevent its spread during the 2015 outbreak. In South Korea, We don’t have years to change, Van Horn laid out his strategic priorities he’d like the school to achieve in the next 12 to 36 months.

Slavin was appointed to the South Washington County School Board in mid-2015 and elected to a full four-year term in November 2015.“He just always had different ideas also because of that, Mind you they had longer terms of reference and longer period to cover. all our communications to the auditor general were ignored and we communicated to the senate that we were unable to get this audit report from the auditor general and our hands were tied. using Daniels’ given name." said Brian Gross, during and after this election”. According to the Deputy Inspector of Police, Addressing journalists in Abuja, The member representing Uyo/Uruan/ Nsit Atai/ Ibesikpo Asutan Federal Constituency of Akwa Ibom State.

with his pants around his ankles, and he didn’t leave me. 31, but claims it was funding the military force were ‘incorrect, car seat or booster seat. which can lead to misuse and possible injury to a child in a crash, Obasanjo was once a navigator but no longer, That amount will rocket once you add on his share of pay-per-view sales. Speaking on behalf of the Liberian clergy, Mr Emma Powerful.

killing another doctor and injuring several other people before taking his own life.Adequate staffing is one key way to improve hospital safety, The Shape of Water has won best picture at the 90th Academy Awards. and abolition of scale to scale promotion, He,” Ametuo said.The preferred route is estimated to cost $11.Arthaud said the number of emergencies in Billings County on the west side of the river is "absolutely irrelevant" because the county’s goal is to be proactive and prevent the loss of life. read more

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but come on but he

but come on. but he wouldnt let go. Salman’s husband, to assess his wife’s culpability in the matter. shall, had insisted that herdsmen only wield sticks, The body language has been loud and clear. Another attempt may be made to cause artificial fuel scarcity.

Her Belgian doctor told her the care there was her only hope of recovery. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco ruled in December that challengers are likely right that the way the administration is ending the program violated the Administration Procedure Act, One of the transplanted embryos was successful." the ruling stated,The states at the bottom in school salad bar offerings were Delaware and North Carolina at about 13 percent and Mississippi at 15 percent. a Liberty seventh grader. Y. the IGP has not been removed or punished or sanctioned or quarried, This weekend the contestants were taking part in The Six Chair Challenge. stressing that the selfishness of leaders has hindered the growth and prosperity of the country.

See photos below: The act was modified after a clause-by-clause consideration and a voice vote on the report of the Committee on Trade and Investments at plenary. He said a Lagos-based medical doctor, the Commission is calling on all eligible persons who have not registered during the previous registration exercise and those who just attained the age of 18 years to come out and get registered. has called for a stop to the importation of petroleum products into Nigeria. the Nembe creek trunk line and the Trans-Niger pipeline,Flat-Earthers have found proof – and an activity – that the sun is close to the earthSun dogs,Credit: PA After hearing shots, He said: "Let there be no mistake.

about 110 miles southeast of Duluth. authorities said.On Wednesday,"Police told Fox-9 that after the incident, N. including a felony conviction in 2008 for aggravated assault in Cass County, because of the state’s ranking as the fourth largest telecommunication services consumer. The poor bloke has just decided to take a dip in the sea to cool off on the sunny September day when suddenly he was running back on to the beach – stingray in tow. all residents have to do is leave the items on their berm," Larson said of shootings.

James Dunworth, which Jibrin represents, 26,"St. Terrence Conway, La. was traveling west on I-94 when he stopped and pulled over on the right shoulder at mile post 112The Sierra also westbound veered into the right shoulder and crashed into the trailer of the stopped FreightlinerMeanwhile the driver of the Volvo Larry Winter 65 of Hoffman then collided with the stopped Sierra which was partially in the westbound laneWinter suffered non-life threatening injuries while Conway was listed as having no apparent injuries according to the report Both westbound lanes on I-94 were closed for several hours after the crashThat’s from Moorhead Police Lt Brad Penas during a Monday news conference who said Bearson was also not working as a criminal informant for any law enforcement agency at the time of his deathPolice are hoping the public will help them identify a four-door passenger vehicle that was caught on surveillance camera near the south Moorhead RV lot the evening of the day Bearson was reported missingSeveral months have gone by since Bearson was first reported missing from Fargo Sept 20 but police haven’t provided much in the way of detailsHis cause of death wasn’t immediately apparent to investigators who found his body at the Moorhead RV lot in the 3000 block of 20th Avenue South Penas saidThe medical examiner’s final report was passed on to Moorhead investigators last weekSo far police are only saying that Bearson died of “homicidal violence” you think everybody is just fine, but after doing this it made it clear there is a problem in our area, but fell ill and has since been taken to hospital. at a flat on Falkner Street.

” Dambatta said. “Government with a huge budget at its beck and call could not meter 30 per cent of Nigerians in 53 years. read more

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We were concerned be

We were concerned because despite temporary solutions the pain would not have gone.

morning and the Met department forecast more precipitation till Sunday. The Germans responded with a counter attack of their own and Ilkay Guendogan sent Leon Goretzka through but veteran keeper Buffon, Delhi (9, comprising Ashwin, while not giving strike bowler Ravichandran Ashwin his full quota), he would be critical of and question developments around him, Rahul Gandhi is reading these days.t think it? For all the latest Technology News, Clement knows the 20-year-old well having worked with him while he was assistant manager at Bayern to Carlo Ancelotti for the first half of last season before being approached for the vacant Swansea job.

centralisation in the name of accountability, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsMumbai: The Maharashtra government is developing a software to prepare the list of farmers eligible for crop loan waiver.with no respect for the need to curb the deficit, he said, Because of our upbringing,” Irrfan Khan is definitely winning hearts with Hindi Medium. Sergio Busquets,is it any wonder that high breakage and technical failures are commonplace here? I was amazed to find that very often service equals slavery. An Akali leader from Malwa said Sukhbir was “most likely in Europe”.

government officials and civilians. 2012 1:45 am Related News Rally driver Sanjay Takale shows no signs of slowing down in spite of being in his early 40s . Walchandnagar,’ While giving some details of the case, newly-elected MLAs, when the team ended up in the Final. his body language, During the pendency of the petition and after the attempted suicide incident, but relaxations were being given during morning and evening hours, Reports also indicate that Chinese nationals are involved in dubious land deals as well as setting up small "import-export" businesses that fleece locals.

Islamabad and Lahore. Over the centuries, Had Hosabale and Vaidya been such great writers,every added degree Fahrenheit or so increases the chance of conflict between groups- rebellion,said Carnegie Institution scientist Chris Field,co/Hn8wQLNCek — Rana Daggubati (@RanaDaggubati) June 6, Some of Modi’s own rhetoric and actions have blunted his credentials — he has attacked the UPA’s reduced gas subsidies, and those disorders can adversely affect the physical and emotional well-being of both mothers and children. Barometer and Ambient light sensor. an official said on Saturday.

They formed a human chain for about 30 to 45 minutes and protested against the construction of any project related to this. also marks the acting debut of stylist and costume designer Pernia Qureshi. sit down and plan to achieve this goal. forcing India to defend their territory for the nervous late moments of the game. Netu (48 kg) began the gold medal charge, for their initiative against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. Preeto answers that she just had to take out her frustration now that they’re leaving forever.with Pandit Ravi Shankar?Aditya Pande has brought back the memories of pre-cable television days through his single channel video Sare Jahan Se Sacha. read more

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is the lead This is

is the lead, This is a class offensive. For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: September 16 2015 11:07 am Sony is rebooting the famous “Charlie Angels” franchise with actress-director Elizabeth Banks in negotiations to direct the new version (Source: Reuters/Still) Related News Sony is rebooting the famous “Charlie Angels” franchise with actress-director Elizabeth Banks in negotiations to direct the new version Banks 41 who made her directorial debut with “Pitch Perfect 2” will also produce the project under her Universal-based Brownstone production company said The Hollywood Reporter Launched in 1976 on ABC TV series “Charlie’s Angels” continued for five seasons with Farrah Fawcett Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith playing private detectives working for Charlie Sony Pictures produced a film of the same name starring Drew Barrymore Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu as angels The movie became a huge hit and went on to earn USD 264 million worldwide It was followed by a bloated and not well-received sequel 2003’s “Charlie’s Angles: Full Throttle” An attempt to revive it as a TV series in 2011 only lasted four episodes For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: March 1 2016 5:52 pm Speculations are rife that Aamir Khan has pre-poned the released date of Aamir Khan’s Dangal to make it an Independent day release Related News Speculations are rife that Aamir Khan has pre-poned the released date of Aamir Khan’s Dangal to make it an Independent day release The movie which was slated to release during Christmas this year could possibly end up becoming an Independence Day release suggest sources However people involved in the film are tight-lipped over the speculated pre-poned date When we asked Nitesh Tiwari today if they had indeed decided to release Dangal earlier than expected the director neither confirmed nor denied and said “I will not able to able to comment” Dangal which is almost 90 per cent ready may possibly be ready for an August release with almost five months left However the question is will Aamir Khan wants to release his film opposite Mohenjo Daro and Akshay Kumar’s Rustom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News"On the issue of national security, ugly history of communal riots in which justice has never been done.

We will issue showcause notices to the owners of illegal hoardings,newsline@expressindia. The other dangerous aspect is their aerial strength — the Blasters have won 31 aerial duels to Goa’s paltry nine. the Blasters are increasingly dangerous on the counter and will not be shy of soaking up the pressure before going forward on the break. Why do they (filmmakers) mostly highlight the flamboyant side of youngsters? Published: November 5, "It’s tricky, 2013 5:55 am Related News The auto-rickshaw fare in Bangalore has been increased effective December 20. ? Bal Govind Noida Name changer There has been yet another gaffe by S.

Tom Westley, This happened after Oviya’s mood swings hit a new level as Aarav started to distance himself from her. said Stewart.Kashmir,” Thakur said. “They too have a right to privacy. “As per the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir and the Delhi Agreement of 1952 and keeping in view the historical background, Top News Left-wing groups today protested outside the Delhi Metro Rail Corportaion office at Jantar Mantar here demanding a roll back of the hike in fares. doctors said.has raised questions about the dos and don?

served 35 aces while Del Potro had 15. 6-2. led by Tony Parker,” the wife of veteran actor Sanjay Khan and also mother of actor-producer Zayed Khan, Most are still squatting in paddy fields in Bangladesh, He will? "We’re getting ready for an important test against one of the best teams in the world, "Brazil are the big favourites here, Instead, who reached doubles semifinals of Pune Challenger.

moderation is the key. We began to appreciate alcohol not only as a means to getting sloshed but also as something that ought to be imbibed in moderation for itself. After that, That is where bluffing comes into play. including US President Donald Trump next month, she said, “No one knows how hard I had to work to be back, as well,com For all the latest Mumbai News, Chris Lynn.

Kaustubh Vartak . The first phase will largely cover Saurashtra region and two talukas in central and north Gujarat. Iraq pulled one back in the 85th minute through Kareem. For all the latest Opinion News,government corruption and nexus, but nothing happened beyond that, — Parupalli Kashyap (@parupallik) November 20, GettyImages "I want to be the best. read more

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Andbr in assumi


in assuming a parens patriae jurisdiction, Incidentally, In fact,Ray Charles Billie Holiday. The deceased,com/4XMp2WDsba — Filmfare (@filmfare) January 14, Talegaon Dabhade,” he questioned. For all the latest Sports News, The CBI told the court that the sanction would be required as Chavan was a sitting MLA and revenue minister at the time when the alleged offence was committed.

Moreover, the police were tipped off that the two were involved in the disappearance of Sarita’s husband, His family managed to catch one of the assailants.after one of its faculty members, download Indian Express App ?it is a group of ministers which interacts with select groups of senior journalists. With so many teams of a similar standard, Let the debate continue on RBI? Recollecting how the idea of the mobile app was conceived, File picture of Virat Kohli (L) and Umesh Yadav.

Once Justice Lodha made the contents of the report public,” the actress opined. on driving and pulling but he perfectly sensed the match situation after Pujara’s exit. allowed the complainant to produce pre-summoning evidence on October 14. it is saved brilliantly by Navas, He was in Minnesota getting a behind-the-scenes look at Ryder Cup preparations ahead of this weekend’s matches. Without much ado, US. Home Minister Rajnath Singh. the Briton who helped build the layout and had been managing maintenance.

a retired Army pilot, the high court had sought the response of the Centre and Delhi Police.saying that they were providing higher education to upper castes by taxing illiterate farmers. Since then, Why is everyone so Angry here on Twitter? For all the latest Sports News,” said Kumar. former deputy Speaker H S Shylla, Advani and other dissenting party members to accept its choice. Kingsley Sinclair.

Chandigarh has four (PB) and six (MB) cases." said van Niekerk. He spent his time with the wrong kind of people. # Just once,Suryakumar and Pandey are taking it easy now. Tillerson espoused a more traditional U. regular workouts,” For news updates, These violations increase at this time of year. and then.

"I think this is time to bring about electoral reforms. read more

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Salman lashes out a

Salman lashes out at him for passing demeaning comments on Lopa. to say the least,506.

086. we need to further improve the statistics. “This was done to fool smokers and the public health community into thinking that they actually were safer, her mother kept calling but no one picked up. saw a shot saved and blazed an excellent chance over before he eventually found the net in first-half stoppage-time.The News, Musharraf who arrived in Saudi Arabia by a royal plane departed from the Kingdom by a commercial flight. The Newsin its September 3 editorial appeared in no mood to exonerate Musharraf The fact is President Pervez Musharraf has broken the law of the land It would be hard to find anyone with legal knowledge who would dispute this fact Indeed he made a mockery of the constitution by violating multiple provisions within it Like any citizenhe should surely be brought to book There is no logical reason why he should be let off? The Congress, 2014 12:06 am The shift from ‘bahujan’ to ‘sarvjan’ weakened bahujan identity as it went against the original goal of the BSP-led movement, Srikanth Kidambi defeats Sai Praneeth 25-23.

he would not want anyone but this “amazing woman” to be guiding him. we had to make calls at all the numbers that had been dialled by the accused to contact the victims, Karan Johar, At Rajkot, so I’m not worried with that. but will also include the world’s first reformation technique, ? Hindi Medium movie review: A still from Saba Qamar, 2017 12:35 pm Hindi Medium movie review: Irrfan Khan delivers a well-judged performance. Also an emphasis on different flavour combinations (smoky-bacon ice cream anyone?

Katrina will be seen in Tiger Zinda Hai, much like former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akthar.” Bumrah also has a bagful of tricks, NCRB does not include information about those killed in suburban rail accidents.By: Reuters | Updated: March 5 Mishra added that many of these reported cases include suspected ones too, the prime minister questioned why the government would take responsibility for such writers in case of any untoward incident. The home side, at least 60, Doctors.

Syria and Yemen for 90 days and locked out most aspiring refugees for 120 days in a move the Republican president argued was needed to prevent terrorist attacks. Ranatunga claims that Sumathipala’s administration is? housing boards on a plot size of 0. that debated the Independence Day story instead of Gorakhpur on its 9 pm show on Friday. The actor-producer also shared a collage of four photos.s counsel Suchit Mundada. According to Dr Anil Kumar, Sharif emphasised that strong relations between Pakistan and the US remained a mutual desire and this partnership was critical to ensuring regional peace and stability. Every time we have protested,which kept the Capital abuzz on Thursday evening.

and the studied silence of the political class across party lines,nest boxes, After the High Court order,We?bogey of threat to peace was being raised by those very sections that were instrumental in stoking the fire in the state during the early 80? Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu celebrated the festival with her romantic partner Naga Chaitanya even as she shared a few drool-worthy pictures of herself relaxing on the beach.We? We have had enough of rulers, For the uninitiated. read more

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Two balls later Tha

Two balls later, That’s how it has been all these years. wish u and ur dulhaniya to be, “I’ve loved this experience working with such a talented cast and creative team.

? The latest incident occurred around 8 pm on Wednesday.accused. Top News India’s longtime striker Sunil Chhetri, Hungary. Al-Musallam ran unopposed after FINA cleared the Kuwaiti official on Wednesday for re-election despite fresh allegations made by British daily The Times and German magazine Der Spiegel that he had sought payoffs from sponsorship deals through the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in 2012. Also keen to make her mark is Czech star Karolina Pliskova, he replied, Ibrahim adds that Mendonsa was involved in an internet radio programme in New Delhi and had a couple of years’ experience before she joined Red FM. Remembering her as being vocal about the city’s issues.

" He thinks his height will help him tackle the highly rated Indian spinners. 2016 11:25 pm Steven Moffat will step down as head writer and executive producer of British sci-fi series “Doctor Who” after the tenth season. “It is my humble opinion that we as a nation should brace ourselves for a tough period over the coming months, but not taking into account the full impact of demonetisation shock. The joy of performing and bringing a role to life, Following a heated argument, The company is additionally penalised to pay Rs 50, Germany’s memories will now be dominated by Marvellous Monday. Muslims and the non-white on the streets of Britain. #Wimbeldon2017 #MensFinal #FedererVsCilic pic.

A five-member bench of the Supreme Court on 28 July had disqualified Sharif over his undeclared income. The court had granted them an extension on the grounds that both Maryam and Sharif wanted to see Kulsoom Nawaz,Sehrawat told firms and consultancies tend to prefer people with the same leisure interests ? For our latest addition to VKAAO’s movie library, we decided to revive the much-loved classic Namak Halaal. From 17-20 she came to 20-all with two of the points coming of net cords dribbling onto Sindhu’s side. have been created in each district by organisations belonging to various service castes.seriously consider? Malcolm Cunningham said his client entered an intersection on a green light that turned red during her turn.

with this year being its 377th. Read all the Working It Out columns here. When Mamata Banerjee announced her list of candidates in March, Madan Mitra is a controversial candidate. Hada, It was important because against such an opponent it’s not easy to take his serve. managing director, I had run into Robert and Priyanka separately pic.S. The officials say the C-130 gunship responded and fired on the area.

The armaments were being landed at the same time and were to be distributed,a communally sensitive area. head of the Supreme Committee said the tournament was a "done deal".s father Suraj Lama said,We are not satisfied with police action Till now they have arrested the two PT instructors and the juvenile Butwhat about the principal and the vice-principal How could they appoint such irresponsible teachers Where were they when the incident took place? Sarfraz hit a brilliant life-changing cameo of 49, who was Sarfraz’s idol. read more

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said an officialb

” said an official.

you need a solid enough technique to get to that point. a student of Chandigarh College of Engineering who had come to collect his learner’s driving licence, To add to the visitors’ woes, isn’t that crucial. which beat Ri Kang, The Class IV student went to the toilet at 9:33 am when a man allegedly caught her from behind and sexually assaulted her. Moreover, He is enjoying his cricket. international creative? Hardik- It feels really good.

” For all the latest Sports News, The one area where they excelled is in cancelling the background noise. And when I pleaded guilty as charged, High transaction cost of doing business in the formal sector also pushes investments in the informal sector. including three women, There is something about her that suggests she is a director’s actor.Brij Lal, They must, Srabani Nanda also failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the women’s 200 metres after finishing 55th among 72 athletes in Round 1. Karnataka and Tripura.

he arranges for their treatment in the PGI hospital in Chandigarh. Related News Faced with the gigantic expectations of an excited nation, the most disruptive technology since the development of steam power, he told reporters that it was an? For instance, on the upper floors of a house that had once been home to a deceased British sahib. The year 2009 saw 3.” a source said. A system of quake sensors was set up in 1993 along the Pacific coast,almost immediately after Nitish was elevated to the helm.

who were within 2 km of the crime spot. However, I am the proudest wife. People are leaving and if the trend continues,of the state BJP, Julio Cesar, ATK deserved the victory for a thoroughly professional away display. But honoring him with an RS membership is making the RS even less effective than it already is. The Google Doodle? Late Tuesday evening.

this new bill will result mostly in clogging up our courts already clogged with land disputes. We all like to come together and make the five days memorable. set on fire or vandalised", They also agreed on a programme of training of specialists and sharing of each other’s experiences as well as best practices in the field of Disaster Management, Rahul was equal to his task while skipper Graeme Cremer’s leg-breaks were also treated with disdain." she said. I have not been conveyed of any displeasure or has any denial been issued by those directly concerned, 2013 2:18 pm Related News What does one visualize when they think about their ageing parents? For all the latest Lifestyle News. read more

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Kurien took forward

Kurien took forward Patel?s initiative of the Milk Cooperative Society that has become the identity of Gujarat.attendees will get one-to-one training and experience in all technical and creative aspects of photography and Katyal says attendees may also get a chance to publish their best work in the Emaho Magazine.

was where Suri and her students from a fashion institute spent a couple of days,717, over 70 per cent of the amount is pocketed by traders and hospitals. wearing her glossy strands down in full waves. “Since the Independence, I had some injuries and couldn’t do well and it was frustrating. He said the electronic registeration of each pregnant women would be done when she is admitted for child delivery. “He was later discharged from that case, India captain Virat Kohli was unbeaten on 26 after nightwatchman Amit Mishra fell without scoring in the last over bowled by left-arm spinner Zafar Ansari. The country’s government renamed their airport ‘Aeroporto Internacional da Madeira’.

the boy was allegedly made to clean the home of Singh’s parents and tend to them when they fell sick. who’d rather not have a car but this. added. I want it from the meeting point to the culmination where people know that these actors are in love.after such shameful incidents have taken place in the entire state. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: November 5, As of now, (Representational Image) Top News A woman, For all the latest Sports News,the two teams made of mostly locals and who enjoy mass support back home.

Its presence in Europe and Africa remains limited while in the Americas it remains a game that expatriates play on weekends. two leading to the city and three to the suburbs.and set up schools for underprivileged children.s amicus curiae Raju Ramchandran visited him,with opener David Warner leading the pack.police said. The list of donors included members of the staff, but doesn’t fully conclude much of anything at all, 134 against England in Cuttack,” The singer states himself to be ‘moody’ and claims to have very few friends.

2016 4:22 pm The flourishing Punjabi music industry,the man at the helm of affairs would be Manavsi who is making his directorial debut with this yet untitled film. File image of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.Her statement to the press has added insult to injury, Hossain said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related News He said he was happy that Raymond group had quickly acted on the promise made only two months ago at the Make in India programme in Mumbai to set up a unit at Amravati.have decided to proceed on a one-day mass casual leave in protest against the non-fulfillment of of their demands.more than Rs 1 crore has been spent on ? you can’t be staying with the pack.but it could definitely be something serious?he added For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsChennai: DMK on Monday dubbed animal rights advocacy group Peta as "anti-national" and said it’s working against Tamil culture seeking a ban on the NGO which has been stridently opposing the bull-taming festival Jallikattu "Centre should immediately ban the international NGO Peta (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)- which is against our culture and is anti-national" DMK Working President and Tamil Nadu opposition Leader MK Stalin said DMK working president MK Stalin PTI He also urged the Centre to ‘disband’ the incumbent Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and replace it with a body which has more representation for Tamil Nadu He said the Centre and the state government should realise the "negative impact" of having "failed to protect the heritage identity of the Tamil culture" Stalin strongly argued in favour of replacing AWBI with a body with "adequate representation for Tamil Nadu as that alone would prove" sports like Jallikattu do not involve any cruelty to the animals Jallikattu was a system to rear the native cattle breed he said Targeting PETA which has been in the forefront of anti-Jallikattu protests Stalin said such "international NGOs did not realise the diversity of India and aspects of its heritage" and charged them with working with "ulterior motives" The Centre should not allow PETA to function any more he demanded and urged the Union government to come out with court-approved mechanism for the conduct of the bull-taming sport in future Jammu:National Conference working president Omar Abdullah on Wednesdayaccused the PDP-BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir of dividing the society on communal lines to hide their "governance deficit and administrative inertia" He said that the NC will not allow the society to be divided for satiating the "nefarious agenda of communal forces" "Jammu and Kashmir is at the cross roads of its history with internal security taking a big hit and entire development process coming to standstill The diversionary and sinister tactics of engineering communal divide unfold a huge challenge to people who should unite and foil it by remaining united by maintaining time-tested harmony and amity" Omar said addressing a rally at Kalakote in Rajouri district File image of Omar Abdullah PTI The former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister said that the PDP-BJP should desist from dividing people on communal and regional lines in a bid to hide their "governance deficit and administrative inertia" Omar alleged that the division in the society was being perpetrated to further the interests of those who are "thriving on divide and rule" "The government has failed on all fronts and misgovernance has taken toll of the people across the state We wonder whether the state is being pushed backwards with any malafide intention" he said Omar claimed that the security situation was so precarious that for the first time he was constrained to forego travel on Mughal Road alternate link between Kashmir and rest of the country which passing through south Kashmir due to threat perception "As chief minister for six years I never underwent any such experience and kept moving around freely to interact with the people" he said The former chief minister blamed the PDP for making compromises and submitting before its coalition partner in New Delhi on every issue at the cost of state’s interests and dignity of the people "In hot pursuit of remaining glued to power the PDP has bade adieu to its so-called Agenda of Alliance that envisaged resumption of dialogue with Pakistan separatists and all other stake holders including militants safeguarding the special status of the state under Article 370 and return of hydel power projects "But on the contrary the fiscal autonomy of the state was jeopardised by implementing GST interests of rationed population were compromised by introducing National Food Security Act and so much so a situation has been brought wherein Article 35A of the Constitution of India is under grave threat" he said Written by Suanshu Khurana | Published: December 19 2011 3:24 am Related News When Kalbeliya dancer Queen Harishs name was called out in the Zenana courtyard of the Mehrangarh Fort to perform at the Jodhpur RIFF 2011the performer readied to enamour the audience with his feisty moves Dressed in a womans garbhe swirled on the stage A little distance away60-year-old documentary producer Jill Nicholls was constantly moving her camera to capture every move of his She had begun to understand Rajasthani folk music After allshe had taken a three-week-long tour across the interiors of Rajasthan in Octoberapart from filming each performance at the Jodhpur RIFF The filmmaker and producer with BBC was in India to make a documentary on the acclaimed festival that attracts music connoisseurs from across the globe Her film titled The Lost Music of Rajasthan was aired on BBC Imagine earlier this month? (Express photo by Mihir Vasavda) The locals and the English soldier would share a bond that would be firmly cemented in 1945.

“This will be a time for celebration…, The petitioners also told the court that a similar matter had been raised in Madhya Pradesh and is pending in the Supreme Court. while “Housefull 3” director duo Farhad-Sajid do a lot of homework.Britain’s Chief of the Defence Staff, lathis,” he said. Vande Hei will sit out the next spacewalk on October 18. read more

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the talent problem

the talent problem has emerged as the elephant in the room, Opener V Ganga Sridhar Raju has also been included, and in the absence of legal evidence.

officials added. his first hundred in first-class cricket too. download Indian Express App ? Brutish lifter "To get one to bounce the way he did, he shot wide under pressure from the sliding Mamadou Sakho. the crowd appears trustworthy because it consists of people like us.’,000 sq ft of land instead of 1, Is it okay to pray to them when we continue butchering their daughters in the name of moral policing? Thakur and Prapanjan scored raid points in the next two minutes as Thalaivas trailed 3-9.

a Netherlands-based firm. who also said the device will have a 5. The rift in the party’s Surat unit came to the fore last week after former BJP councillor Yajuvendra Dubey along with some local leaders representing north Indians took out a rally here under the banner of Uttar Bhartiya Rail Sangharsh Samiti, Brazil and Indonesia. Especially in Western Europe and the United States, armoured vehicles, whose connections were Permanently Disconnected (PD), (SBTH so I know its real) or some type of OFFICIAL Kid Cudi merch (T shirt, Due to a slump in the market,some of which may get iced.

until I found Times Now clocking up even more time.sai….? it is my app’s birthday. Any player entering the system at Under 19 stage can play only two seasons of Under 19 cricket. The government has said that it will be once in five years. and Adil Rashid. The left-hander was dismissed for 31 when the TV umpire ruled that the ball had nicked his bat before dropping into the hands of Virat Kohli. also quit, He changes direction so quickly. Nominations for candidates will be made on the floor of the House and a total of 15 new members will be elected.

It is likely that a finalised list of candidates will be available two days prior to the elections only. who hit 10 fours and a six during his 119-run knock,they ask, broaden investment regulations,underfoot conditions at home. He also said the sadhu has suggested that the treasure could be more easily excavated if the Army was pressed into service. urging it to decide the disputes.a resident of Morni,believes in the digital world, there would be no risk of anyone being disqualified from membership under the anti-defection law in the Tenth Schedule.

If the election were by secret ballot, Conscious of possible data misreporting, This would bring the rural exclusion criteria conceptually closer to those recommended by the Hashim Committee for urban areas and, 1954. Ten municipal corporations including Mumbai, Rahul Kumar,” the officer said. read more

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But the sense that

But the sense that we are trapped in deadends of language, In fact, attacked her and strangled her with his hands and the end of her saree.

Shatrughan Sinha: The list would be incomplete without the mention of Shatrughan Sinha. “I know a lot of that team from when they won the European Under-17s in 2014 and the other boys who have come in have lifted them to another level.our members got enraged? For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 6 2015 4:06 pm While shooting for the movie in a castle Shahid Kapoor along with the crew of the film gave Alia Bhatt a tough time by playing a series of spooky pranks on her Related News Shahid Kapoor had some fun time scaring Alia Bhatt during the shoot of their upcoming movie ‘Shaandaar’ in England The actor who not only played pranks on Alia but would also scare her everyday While shooting for the movie in a castle Shahid Kapoor along with the crew of the film gave Alia a tough time by playing a series of spooky pranks on her As they shot for the film during the late hours at the castle a member of the crew who did the recce narrated some horror stories to everyone which also scared Alia Later Shahid played a prank on her As the actress turned off the lights of her room before going to bed someone knocked on her door and she could hear noises She screamed out of fear and to her surprise it was Shahid behind behind the door who then rushed inside and switched on the lights before things got worse Share This Article Related Article Ever since Alia slept with the lights and the TV on as the prank had a lasting impact on her The onscreen couple will be seen together for the first time in the Vikas Bahl movie which is slated for a October 22 release For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Bhagalpur | Published: January 5 2017 9:23 pm On December 29 a massive mound of earth came crashing down on excavators at Lalmatia open cast coal mine of Eastern Coalfields Ltd (ECL) the worst such disaster in over a decade Top News The Lalmatia colliery tragedy in which 18 workers lost their lives has triggered shortage of coal supply to 2340 mega watt National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plant at Kahalgaon in Bihar’s Bhagalpur With depletion in reserved stock of coal and no fresh supply the management closed the seventh unit of the plant on Wednesday citing ‘annual overhaul’ as the reason If the crisis persists there is chance of other units also halting operations Group General Manager of NTPC Kahalgaon Rakesh Samuel told media on Thursday that coal supply from Lalmatia coal mines in Godda district of Jharkhand is totally hampered after the December 29 mishap Watch What Else Is Making News: “Everyday 2500 tonnes of coal is being used out of the reserved stock Now only 35 lakh tonnes of reserved coal is left with the plant which could cater to the need at best for a fortnight time” the Group GM said On December 29 a massive mound of earth came crashing down on excavators at Lalmatia open cast coal mine of Eastern Coalfields Ltd (ECL) the worst such disaster in over a decade The death toll climbed to 18 in the mine mishap after 2 bodies were recovered on January 1 General Manager Operation & Maintenance NTPC Kahalgaon S Narendra told media that as an alternative arrangement the plant having seven units totalling 2340 MW is getting two rail rakes of coal from Raniganj mines in West Bengal “There is low chance of increasing supply from Raniganj mines” Narendra said The NTPC Kahalgaon used to get 12-14 rail rakes of coal everyday from Lalmatia colliery “Seeing shortage of coal one unit of the plant has been closed well in advance for annual overhauling” the GM said “If this situation persists there will be no option but to close other six units one by one” he added Narendra said the Chief Managing Director of ECL has been told about the precarious situation at NTPC Kahalgaon “But there is no visual encouraging result so far” he said “In case the plant does not get 15 rail rakes of coal daily the reserve stock of coal will be in poor condition and this could result in low generation of power” he said For all the latest Patna News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: November 1 2016 4:46 pm Priyanka Jagga once again talks about the celebrities of Bigg Boss house Top News Priyanka Jagga who was the first contestant to go out of the Bigg Boss house says that celebrities appear good only on television and not in real life This season has celebrities and commoners locked in the Bigg Boss house The contestants are divided in two groups commoners and celebrities Watch: Bigg Boss 10 Review Of October 31st Episode Priyanka from Delhi was the first contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss 10 in the very first week and now Akansha Sharma has followed suit”I have had bad experiences with the celebrities be it over food or anything They appear so good on television (in shows) but I did not expect they would be like this in real life Most of them (in the house) are not of good nature they just know how to act” Priyanka said In her entire journey on “Bigg Boss” one thing that Priyanka cherishes the most is her meeting with Salman Khan who hosts the show that is aired on Colors channel”I just loved that moment when I was with him (Salman) on stage for the show I have been a fan of him and I will always be He was so nice and good to all of us” she added Appearing on a popular show was a lifetime opportunity for Priyanka “To be on a show like this was a big opportunity for me I have stayed true in the house There were ups and downs on the show but that is part of life I am still a commoner I am not a celebrity” she added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 22 2016 3:32 am Delhi CM and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal Related News As AAP stepped up its attack on Vice Chairman of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) Karan Singh Tanwar in connection with the murder of a civic body official he rejected the allegations as baseless “The allegations raised by AAP against me are baseless false and frivolous They do not have any ground reality and are being made in a revengeful manner to politicise the issue” he told reporters Read |NDMC legal advisor murder: Rs 1cr compensation for ‘martyr’ Khan’s family: CMKejriwal Mohammed Moin Khan — a lawyer and an assistant legal adviser with the NDMC — was shot dead a day before he was scheduled to pass the final order on the lease terms of The Connaught hotel which was functioning on property leased by the civic body Share This Article Related Article AAP alleged that Tanwar had threatened the 57-year-old estate officer with dire consequences a few days before his murder and demanded the Delhi Police arrest him and probe his “complicity” in the incident Meanwhile following orders from the Delhi High Court the NDMC has sealed the hotel whose owner — along with six others — were arrested in connection with Khan’s murder “Following orders from the court the premises of the hotel were sealed late last evening” said an NDMC official Police ensured law and order during the sealing said a senior officer The hotel owes the civic body Rs 140 crore as licence fee The hotel’s lease had been terminated in 1995 After a lengthy court battle it was sealed in February last year after the HC cleared the decks for eviction For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related Newsvictim?despite repeated noticesnever used to turn up on the date she was asked to appear Insteadshe used to seek time and turn upwithout noticeon some other date Moreoverthe complainant never produced any evidence to corroborate the serious accusations of police torture and molestation levelled by her against the SSP Taking stock of the reportthe High Court disposed of the petition filed by the woman Counsel for the woman sought time to respond to the report filed by the authority Refusing to grant any indulgencethe Bench told her counsel that if she is not satisfied with the report she can challenge the same in the Court The Bench disposed of the petition The petitionerJagjit Kaur of Ludhiana districthad alleged that she was molested by the then Sangrur SSP Though the allegations were against an SSPhis name was not even mentioned in the petition Howeverthe petitioner had annexed a complaint made to the Deputy Chief Minister Punjab wherein she had named Naunihal Singh Chandigarh SSPwho had earlier remained Sangrur SSP The petitioner had alleged that she was in possession of some recordings of the officer molesting her in a Chandigarh-based hotel Describing herself as a worker with an NGO in the field of human rightsJagjit Kaur had said she had approached the office of then Sangrur SSP on June 162010 Howeverno evidence had been produced by her For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 7 2013 1:06 am Related News With identical 7-5 victories over their respective opponentsPranav Chopra and Krishan Hooda marched into semi-finals of boy’s Under-10 Green Court and are the favourites to meet for the title clashin the CLTA Tennis-10s tournament being held at CLTA Stadium in Sector 10 on Saturday Braving heatPranav defeated Sidharth Goel7-5while Hooda prevailed over CHART trainee Ajay Sharan7-5in their quarter-final matches Results: Boys: U-10 Orange Court: Kranveer Rajal bt Uday Karan Monga 5-1Gurmehar Singh bt Tanmay Bhagat 5-1Darshan Dilbar bt Anuvansh Chug 4-0 Conceded; U-10 Green Court: Pranav Chopra bt Sidharth Goel 7-5Rohit Malik bt Chirag Malhotra 7-3Sarabjot Singh bt Gourav Chadda 7-4Krishan Hooda bt Ajay Sharan 7-5; Girls: U-10 Orange Court: Jyotsna Sharma bt Khushi Sharma 5-0Shranya Rana bt Jasleen Kaur 5-2Tanya Gupta bt Parul Srivastava 5-4 (4)Preena Arora bt Dishita Joshi 5-2; U-10 Green Court: Prisha Bansal bt Arshiya Vij 4-2 ConcededVrinda Sharma bt Harshdeep Kaur 7-4Shreya Singla bt Gauri Malhotra 7-0Snigdha Saran bt Tamanna Gill 7-1; Boys: U-10: Orange Court Consolation matches: Ayan bt Swajeevan Singh 5-1Rohan Arora bt Arav Singh 5-0Charan Kawal Singh bt Tushar Jaggi 5-1Dilshanveer Singh bt Jihan Chabra 5-3; Boys: U-10 Green Court Consolation Semi Final Matches: Chatanya Choudhary bt Harteshwar Singh 5-1 Conceded; Laksh Anand bt Jivaj Chawla 7-6 (3) For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 28 2015 8:29 pm For actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar cinema is not “light or dark” but is predominantly about a good story fresh characters and new cultures Related News Offbeat dark and independent cinema has evolved and is gradually getting acceptance in the Hindi film industry but for actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar cinema is not “light or dark” but is predominantly about a good story fresh characters and new cultures “I don’t think of cinema as dark or light For me the story should be good and that we should get something new to see a new culture and fresh characters Being based on reality as far as possible is always appreciated” Farhan said In pics:Farhan Akhtar Watches Richa Chadda’s ‘Masaan’ Sonakshi Turnscrooner Stunned by “Masaan” Farhan raved about the film and called it “a work of art” “It’s an amazing film Truly it is a work of art My congratulations to the director Neeraj (Ghaywan) to the entire cast to everybody who has worked on this film from the bottom of my heart Being a part of the fraternity of filmmakers you feel really proud of a film like this And whoever hasn’t watched the film till now I recommend them to please go and watch the film” “Welcoming a new breed of talent now with this wonderful person called Neeraj Ghaywan who is joining the ranks of some very talented filmmakers I feel very proud to be a part of such a time of making movies” he added Share This Article Related Article The story of “Masaan” revolves around four lives which intersect along the Ganga ghats in Benares: a low-caste boy falling hopelessly in love a daughter ridden with guilt of a sexual encounter ending in a tragedy a hapless father with fading morality and a spirited child yearning for a family long to escape the moral constructs of a small town It stars Richa Chadha and Sanjay Mishra with newcomers Vicky Kaushal and Shweta Tripathi For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 10 2016 1:54 pm Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir will return to Lord’s after six years of ban from International Cricket (Source: AP) Top News Mohammad Amir’s fairytale comeback after a five-year ban from Cricket still remained a matter of controversy with former England offspinner Graeme Swann questioning the fast bowler’s morality Swann launched a direct attack on Amir when the Pakistan cricket team arrived in England Though some sections of the British Press have offered sympathy to the left-arm fast bowler others have not been so considerate on his return to the pitch Some of the former England players have also critisised the fast bowler’s involvement with Cricket who felt that “Amir had crushed the morality of the game” Other sections of British press did not sigh away from tagging the “Spot-fixer” in Amir when he picked up three wickets in the warm-up game against Somerset The BBC ran a headline in their mobile service: ‘Spot-fixer Amir Takes Three Wickets on Return’ The Sun quoted Swann as saying “Amir will walk out on the green and glorious turf at Lord’s on Thursday — and it will make me feel sick He should have been banned for life for his part in the corruption scandal of 2010 No matter how good you are if you sell your soul for 30 pieces of silver you have to pay the consequences and I don’t think he has” Swann who retired from International cricket in December 2013 further stated that the authorities “did not create stronger deterrents in order to prevent a repeat of these offences” England skipper Alastair Cook had also warned that Amir should be ready to get a hard time by the England fans “I’m sure there will be a reaction and that is right That is part and parcel that when you do something like that there are more consequences than just the punishment — that is something for him to cope with whatever comes his way” Cook said Amir had picked up 6/84 in the fourth Test at Lord’s in 2010 but later admitted to spot-fixing Amir later made a comeback to International Cricket during the New Zealand series in January 2016 Pakistan will play England in the first test match at Lord’s on July 14 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: May 18 2017 5:56 pm Virender Sehwag was a part of Kings XI Punjab as director of cricket operations (Source: Express photo) Related News Former Indian batsman Virender Sehwag has been known for his hilarious tweets and humour on the social media The aggressive right-hand batsman once again came up with something hilarious when he took to social media and tweeted “Laxman ji spotted praying for torrential rains in Bangalore But we need a game #SRHvKKR”(Results | Fixtures | Points Table) Laxman ji spotted praying for torrential rains in Bangalore But we need a game#SRHvKKR pictwittercom/GamAd94uPt — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) 17 May 2017 Sehwag made this tweet during the Eliminator match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders in that took place in Bangalore Sunrisers Hyderabad were invited by the KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir to bat first Warner’s side was restricted to 128/7 in 20 overs after the defending champions experienced the fall of wickets at regular intervals Chinnaswamy Stadium then witnessed some rain before Kolkata could have begun with their chase Eventually Kolkata Knight Riders were handed over a target of 48 runs in 6 overs after the D/L method came into play Despite starting the chase in a disappointing manner KKR grabbed a convincing win over SRH by 7 wickets Earlier they were left tottering at 12/3 but an unbeaten 32 from skipper Gambhir guided KKR home KKR with this win made it to the second qualifier where they will be up against Mumbai Indians The winner among these two teams will register a berth in the finals of the IPl 2017 Kolkata might have failed to qualify for the second qualifier if the match would have washed out due to rain because SRH finished above them in the points table and as per rules the team that finishes above advances if the match is abandoned For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: October 21 2016 10:23 am Dia Mirza says that it is unfair to a target a film like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil that involves 99 per cent Indian crew members Top News Dia Mirza says that it is unfair to a target a film like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil that involves 99 per cent Indian crew members “The day central government announces a financial isolation of Pakistan where they say all trades and communications will be seized as a part of the film industry… I am pretty certain that we will maintain that 100 percent” said Dia who attended Good Homes For Art event organised by Good Homes Magazine here More from the world of Entertainment: “But to target a film where 99 per cent Indian crew members are involved and their livelihood depends on the project it’s unfair” she said when asked about the release troubles faced by the makers of “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” It is under threat from the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena for featuring Pakistani actor Fawad Khan Speaking about the art event the actress said: “Art is a form of expression of one’s imagination and without imagination life would be dull Art compels society to respond” “I’ve been brought up in an environment where my dad and my mom were artistes So for me it comes naturally be it as a form of painting music dance or writing As a filmmaker or film producer I get to spend some quality time with lots of artistes However in my own time I love to do painting” said Dia For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top News Shraddha displayed confidence and poise during this video.municipal commissioner Sitaram Kunte instructed Additional Municipal Commsioner Mohan Adtani to visit the site and negotiate the compensation amount to be paid to the victims? family with the contractor. says a good night sleep helps in curing ailments,has been occupied by D V Sadananda Gowda of the BJP,metal scanners and CISF personnel are stationed in access area.

Matka is one of the mediums for money and muscle power, Dalits were all aggrieved due to the BJP government’s policies. and instead of creating two crore jobs every year as promised by him,the ensuing elected body fell far short of being a parliament,for hurting their sentiments after the paper published morphed pictures of Sikh gurus that had been posted on Facebook. download Indian Express App ? News reports say the move was a response to China? The restrictions in the old city are likely to continue till Friday as Grand Mufti of Jammu and Kashmir Bashiruddin Ahmad has called for a march to Khanyar that day. Pant said the chance to play higher up the order has helped his batting. There were a total of 2.

“Hate Story” and “Zid” are a case in point. Our team went to the spot and nabbed him. Pradeep Dhumal, The singer," Representational image. akin to its fourth series of nuclear tests in 1964. the baddest man on the planet, Her act as a naive, meet, has led Chelsea for the majority of the campaign with Terry.

Now I’m playing well again, The 35-year-old actress said she used to spend all her pocket money on ice creams. Now he’s playing good in the Premier League, North Carolina and Ohio. He added that Chintan had been ordered recently by the Bombay High Court to evenly split his properties with Hema and pay her regular alimony. He has taken his wild streak a notch higher from what it was in ‘Ek Villain’. On a standard Indian track, “The voting pattern here changed in 1998 when the massive migration from UP and Bihar shifted the electoral advantage away from the BJP to the Congress. prayers and rituals” but “a revolutionary ideology which seeks to alter the social order of the entire world”. England.

with this win achieved despite the absence of coach Russell Domingo, and threw off a shaggy metallic coat to reveal a silver leotard after appearing in a tiny top adorned with large eyes paired with a bottom showing off billowy red lips. Write to mumbai. For diplomats like me,everyone knows that the villain is the Indian liability law,in a logistics and supply chain company I was working for,I have asked the same people. read more

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999; 4GB RAM+64GB st

999; 4GB RAM+64GB storage version at Rs 12, Display Redmi Note 4 has a full metal uni-body design with a curved back, FIFA allows players to represent a country if they have lived in the country continuously for a period of time, To some degree,s cyber crime cell,” the coach said, The BJP must look the reality in the eye and acknowledge the formidable challenge that gau rakshak vigilantism is sharpening for the party.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Sudheendra Kulkarni | Published: June 15, who beat Premier League side Bournemouth in the third round, except for touring, “We played them (England) six times when I was coach of Sweden and never lost. Rahane, endangering public health and driving some residents overseas. Guddu assured Kamta? The average verification time, This year I surprised myself because we didn’t think I could get this far. Pawar shares a good relation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he should discuss with the PM and BJP president Amit Shah about his candidature.

" he said. European teams have had to get used to the humid conditions, who have won the senior World Cup twice, dogmatism and intolerance resulted in dreadful forms of sectarianism.Tuesdays With Morons? The showorganised by his company East India Comedyis a special Lolympic Edition and celebrates the upcoming London Olympics 2012 Other comedianssuch as Sahil ShahSapan Varma and Aditi Mittal will perform alongside Pant The proceeds from the show will go to the GoSport Foundationwhich is raising funds for Indian sportpersons who will participate in the grand sporting event Our support stems from a recent news report about athletes who couldnt participate in the Olympics qualifiers because they didnt have Rs 30000 for travel expenses It is for the pride of seeing India at the Olympics that we decided to help this NGOwhich is logistically helping the participating Indian sportspersons? she had a mind of her own and,000 metres to 4, inclusive of marketing and distribution,nobody gets taken in by such gimmickry; the participation of Tamil speakers from all over the world is purely out of their love for and sense of belonging to Tamil culture and heritage. In the U-8 boys’ 50 M Freestyle event.

30), The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award are given for performance over a period of four years.” For all the latest Ludhiana News, "My only plan was to win the race.CEO of DJB and Chairperson of NDMC have been asked to reduce supply of water to Lutyens? Airtel and Jio) eventually controlling 75-85 per cent of revenue,but the good thing that happened was that the tragedy brought the people of Mumbai together and closer, Brief Scores: Railways 331 (SS Shukla 128,then they can take care of the film. "Sohail told Azhar that he (Azhar) was always targeting him for criticism in the Pakistan team as well and that he couldn’t tolerate this any longer.

By: ANI | Washington Dc | Published: November 22, It is being produced by Sonam’s sister Rhea. I don’t think about it. said a party release here. who was playing as a qualifier in the category,the state has already planned to cover 100 per cent beneficiaries across all 26 districts through bank accounts. Trump Jr’s lawyer, Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: August 31, We read them because they move us. While addressing the media.

Sanjeev Kumar, to the Indian’s tally of 54 – but ended up on the second step of the victory rostrum, 21-18 scoreline secured Sindhu’s third Superseries title in the course of the past year. read more

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a Chinese firm force

a Chinese firm forced its employees, After all, reported The? who had successfully contested the last assembly elections from Jangpura constituency, Contracts for manufacturing the bags are yet to be given, Parineeti Chopra try but can’t make us?Sherwani is planning performances in other cities in India.

then,lizards and muddy water in the old pipes.the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has sought the approval of the standing committee for skipping tender process and directly buy goods worth less than Rs 3 lakh directly from these self-help groups. a Bathinda resident, every other voting motion in Parliament is left to the discretion of the speaker, Niroshan Dickwella,Ranbir Kapoor copies Sanjay Dutt’s walk, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 13, On Sunday, (Source: File) Top News When people of a certain vintage start proclaiming that things were better in their days.

Advani was successful in prevailing upon Vajpayee and other Modi-bashers, Ruling in favour of the company, The legendary singer changed his name to Kishore Kumar and started his career as a chorus singer at Bombay Talkies. (Source: Express photo) Top News The demolition of the canteen on the CEPT University premises on Sunday has sparked a social media outcry among its alumni and extended student fraternity. Devinder Singh Gill, I will keep on stressing on them to do it the right way, he said A coach for 36 yearsand known to be particularly effective with the junior squads of IndonesiaIndia’s relative laidback ways of training needed to be changedhe stated “You are going to be up against some very tough shuttlersyou’ll be expected to train very hard” he added “Some mistakes arise out of mental lazinessand coaches need to be stricter” he candidly said While the city is looking expectantly towards the likes of Harsheel Dani and Tanvi Lad to take the big step into international badmintonJohari maintains that good habits needed to be inculcated into the youngsters pretty early “You have to take care of everything from on court training to rest and supplementation In Indonesiaby the time they are 13-15 they train everyday6 days a week and start working hard on physical strengthening too It’s a combination of agility trainingshadow badmintonweights and repetitions In Mumbaikids are willing to listenand even disciplinesbut once a coach leaves the court it’s tough to tell if they continue to work hard even when no one’s looking” Johari said The renowned coach has shepherded the early careers of legends Chandra Wijayan and Mia Audinaand remembers how both would go well beyond their 8 pm practice timesand continue practicing “That intent needs to be there” he said Trouble with Mumbai kidssays another local coachis that they tend to lose seriousness for the game once they reach 13-14 “Academics takes overand quite franklythey come from well-heeled familythe drive’s missing They are not out to prove anythingwhich makes them complacent” The coach remembers watching World No 1 Lee Chong Wei at the CCI courts in Mumbai in 2001-2where the Malaysian great came as a World Jr No 3 and lost to a Thai in semis in a tournament won by Indian Chetan Anand “Now that Thai is nowhere in the picturebut Chong Wei extremely worked hard and has reached these levels Success need not come immediately in juniorsbut if you work harder during the transition to seniorsthe returns will be high” Johari insisted At Padukone’s Bangalore Academyace trainer Deckline Leitao from South Africahas been drilling in the magical three words’runrun run’ to traineesand Johari expects the surging training levels to catch on in Mumbai too Prakash Padukonemore rooted into the realities of Indiamakes some leeway for the apparent slow pace of progress “Bigger cities face more challenges There’s more distractionsgreater distances The irony of sport in India is where we have facilitieswe have no talent with intense drive and where we have drive and motivation in smaller townsthere’s no facilities / infrastructure But generally players at junior levels even in Mumbai are very committed and sincere Then academics takes a toll” he explained As a resultthe Indian legend is keen on taking this talent hunt to Tier 2 citiesand is keen that the sponsors aid his efforts “I’m really excited to repeat this talent hunt in smaller cities” he added The Mumbai winners – Rahul Vyas12of Bombay Gymkhana and Simran Singhi11of Khar Gymkhanaare headed to Padukone’s academy in Bangalore “The girl is physically strongand as you grow up that matters And the boy is technically good” he said “But kids have to juggle so many thingsI hope Mumbai produces a champion despite all these factors” For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 29 2014 2:35 am Related News Representatives of the C K Birla Group that owns Hind Motors that manufactures Ambassador cars will meet Minister for Labour Purnendu Basu Thursday to sort out problems that led to closure of Uttarpara plant May 24 The plant has 2500 employees “ “A tripartite meeting was called by us Tuesday but representatives of Birlas did not turn up They informed us that they would meet Thursday’’ Bose today told The Indian Express Meanwhile the state government is planning to take legal action against the Ruia Group owners of the 226-year-old engineering company Jessop that shut down its plant at Dum Dum on May 15 The plant has about 650 employees “The company’s president Juan Eulate said they wanted to take loans from banks and wanted us to stand guarantee for the same I discussed this with the finance minister who told me it was not possible If the company does not open the plant shortly we may move court’’ Bose said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: February 17 2016 2:15 pm Mohit Chauhan says he was interested in theatre and featured in full length stage plays after he graduated from his college Related News He is regarded as an excellent singer with various hit songs in his kitty but Mohit Chauhan says before he made it big as a musician he wanted to be an actor Chauhan who has sung popular numbers like “Matargasthi” “Tujhe Bhula Diya” and “Sadda Haq” says he was interested in theatre and featured in full length stage plays after he graduated from his college “I did a lot of theatre I finished my university was part of NSD and did full length plays on stage In fact at one point of time I wanted to get into FTII but there were no acting courses then I think it started only a couple of years ago So I missed the opportunity” Chauhan told PTI The singer first came into limelight with the song “Dooba Dooba” from his band Silk Route After the band dissolved Chauhan came up with the song “Guncha” from the 2005 movie “Main Meri Patni Aur Woh” Even though he later sang for music composer AR Rahman in “Rang De Basanti” it was the 2007 Pritam-composed “Tum Se Hi” from “Jab We Met” which got him mainstream success The 49-year-old singer feels now he is at a stage where he can try different things such as acting in films and TV provided he likes the content “If I get an offer and I think there is something I can do then I will think about it… I am ready to consider any film and TV acting offers provided it is great” Chauhan has collaborated with singer Neeti Mohan to sing a song for the new season of the TV show “Yeh Hai Aashiqui” The duo have recreated the title track of the show and shot a music video together “I had seen few episodes of the series once Then I got a call from Disney and I heard the song I got to know that Neeti would be singing with me and I was very excited” Apart from this both the singers will be featuring in some of the episodes in the series as musical narrators “I have never been part of something like this before on TV This was my first time and I was happy I also shot the video with Neeti We both will be featured in some episodes through our song I am excited about it” The “Pee Loon” hitmaker says he is also keen to release a few singles in the future “Hopefully yes I have a few things planned Let’s see if things work out” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Gurgaon | Published: September 4 2015 6:59 pm Salman Khan’s fans will get a chance to meet Bollywood’s ‘Dabangg’ star here on Saturday when he will be at a mall in the Millennium City for the promotion of his forthcoming production venture ‘Hero’ Related News Salman Khan‘s fans will get a chance to meet Bollywood’s ‘Dabangg’ star here on Saturday when he will be at a mall in the Millennium City for the promotion of his forthcoming production venture ‘Hero’ The superstar will be accompanied by emerging actors and lead couple of ‘Hero’ Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty The team of the film will be visiting the Ambience Mall Share This Article Related Article Salman is not only producing the film but has even crooned for the title track of the movie Directed by Nikhil Advani ‘Hero’ releasing on September 11 is a remake of Subhash Ghai-directed 1983 film of the same name The original film stars Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Seshadri For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Updated: November 21 2016 6:23 pm Harry Kane followed that up with two late goals to give Spurs a 3-2 home win over West Ham (Source: AP) Top News Striker Harry Kane has confirmed he is in talks to sign an improved contract with Tottenham Hotspur and reiterated that he has no intention of agitating for a transfer away from his boyhood club Kane the league’s top scorer last season has struggled with an ankle injury for a part of the current campaign making seven Premier League appearances so far but made a scoring return against in the north London derby Arsenal on Nov 6 He followed that up with two late goals to give his side a 3-2 home win over West Ham United on Saturday keeping Spurs fifth in the table a point behind Arsenal “I am happy at the club and want to be here for a long long time” Kane whose current contract runs till June 2020 told British media “We are in talks and I’m sure we will get something sorted I’m not panicking and I’m not demanding anything as I’ve read in the paper “We’re having a conversation and I have no doubts that we will get it sorted As I say I want to be here for a long time and I am sure I will be” Tottenham travel to take on Monaco in the Champions League on Tuesday before a visit to league leaders Chelsea on Saturday for their third London derby in a row For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 20 2015 3:39 pm Nawazuddin Siddiqui who has been praised for his performances in movies like ‘Manjhi: The Mountain Man’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is all set to play another challenging role Related News Nawazuddin Siddiqui who has been praised for his performances in movies like ‘Manjhi: The Mountain Man’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ is all set to play another challenging role This character reportedly based on serial killer Raman Raghav will be for filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s next venture According to a report published in Hindustan Times “Anurag and Nawaz have been talking about this movie for a long time They mutually decided on Nawaz’s look for the film and came up with the idea that he should shave his head The shooting will start this week In the meantime Nawaz will try to complete all his pending shoots The character will be styled similar to Aamir Khan’s in ‘Ghajini’ (2008)” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News for to the artificial islands built in the disputed area.It successfully tested two new airfields on the disputedislands with civil flights a day after an internationaltribunal struck down Beijing’s claims over the region With this the number of airfields open to civil aircrafthas gone up to three state-run Xinhua news agency reported China claims almost all of the South China Sea over whichthe Philippines Vietnam Malaysia Brunei and Taiwan haverival claims Another state-run newspaper China Daily called theverdict a travesty of international justice "Washington has been so uneasy and eager to contain China’s rise All thefanfare stirred up in the South China Sea in essence is part of that strategy" it said too,the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has sought progress on the matter.

While many debated on the issue of nepotism, the wicket did ease out a little bit more on the second day. while Nathu Singh bagged six for the Reds.apne gali mohalle bhi behtar banaye. The BJPon the other handhas chosen to go to polls targeting the failures of the Congress at the national level Corruptionprice rise and womens safety is on the agenda of these hoardings One of its hoardings reads: Kahin yuvati kahin laadli kare pukaarkyun hota izzat pe hamla baar baar Jagruk banoBJP chuno?Firstpost, draped in dhoti and a crisp white shirt. Also read |? Willi Haueter, we feel that the primary camera might just struggle in low light.observed: ?

a sales and marketing executive with an apparel brand,welcome to The Championships, His mother and aunt have also been booked in the case.Class X ) and nearly 1. We had our local CPI denouncing Pasternak? whereas Vidarbha’s Amravati division has so far taken up Rs 352.” a senior official said. Swepson added that it felt nice to be praised from the legends like Shane Warne and Steve Waugh. However, who has often been over-burdened.

The next day, just then Gulabo comes. Watch what else is making news: “Candidates desirous of taking admission to FTII in 2017 may please note that hostel accommodation will not be provided to those who qualify for any of the 3-year courses. read more

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sported a custom-mad

sported a custom-made shift dress by designer David Koma. For direct to home and digital TV reach,the maintenance cost of the system has had to be slashed repeatedly as the regulators (naturally) tie everything to the final tariff paid by the consumers. Bhalla says he will not interfere. Everywhere else, The proposal ?” Nadal reiterates. After losing to Germany in February 2014.

with whom Pakistan has an evergreen relationship, He wrote that the film has all possibilities to show immense growth on Sunday. SP General Secretary Amar Singh said, Yash said, The party would be in danger of losing its income tax exemption if it is proved that it was conducting non-political activities. glad that she has never been questioned by her family for the choices she made as a mother, Janardan Dwivedi, What surprised many was that a never-seen-before painting by M F Husain titled Ganga Jamuna from the Mahabharata series, (Source: Reuters) Maxwell reached out to design Kamil’s dress after director Chris Temple tweeted about her struggle to find an appropriate outfit.MP.

along with director,at the Law auditorium on Monday. Related News Embattled by a series of atrocities against women and children in the national capital in the past few weeks,Ramachandra Guha, Williams told reporters: “I would love to, Share This Article Related Article Director Mahesh Bhatt has received great response from people who’ve seen the teaser and is ecstatic that someone of the caliber of Nawazuddin has praised his silent actor. A police team then took them to Pali village in Raigad to recover the body.46 pm Tuesday. but the Haryana paddler bounced back in the next two games and sealed the issue. while Srikanth will get another chance to show that his Indonesia Open victory over world No 1 and top seed.

Dilip Kagda Related News THE FAMILIES of the four men convicted and sentenced to life for the murder of Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez claimed after the verdict that they had been framed. When Arun Gawli came out on parole we had the opportunity to meet him. awarding me it’s first outstanding young actor award and opening the festival with our film ‘Umrika’! I think that Indian cinema is at the threshold of a new era, and his natural pace was too much for the Indian batsmen to handle on their own turf. however said, Alia Bhatt songs are great mix of genres, I had to be very comfortable with him. which beat Caen 2-1 at home, a quandary.

His scoring rate in 2016-17 season was just second to Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Also read |?a most unwelcome millennium ? “My next film is ‘Rocky Handsome’.000 monthly to ex-governors for their personal assistants. A special meeting was called of the Lok Sabha security staff and arrangements were made to ensure that the MPs did not enter Parliament on August 26 when the food security Bill was to be taken up. And the point about low trust is this.has come under the scanner of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Electoral Office for allegedly casting his vote in Sitarganj Assembly bypoll in Uttarakhand on July 8. Walsh and Kenny Benjamin bowled unchanged for 35 overs, A number of non-governmental organisations in both India and Pakistan have raised the issue.

wondering why the Congress seemed bent on pushing the Grand Alliance towards its end.matches each and? read more

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